Prince of Neubayern
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Nikolai in Donetskian royal dress uniform
4th Tsar of Novodonetsk
Reign 1051 — present
Predecessor Demetrius
Heir Alexander Nikolaevich
Spouse Anastasia Volkova
Issue Alexander, Tsesarevich of Novodonetsk
Princess Maria
Full name
Nikolai Sergei Wilhelm Friedrich
(English: Nicholas Serge William Frederick)
House House of Hohensberg
Father Prince Demetrius of Novodonetsk and Neubayern, Grand Duke Consort of Rhineburg
Mother Helena, Crown Princess of Neubayern
Born 24th May 1009 (age 58)
Rheinsburger Staatshospital
Rhineburg City
Religion Lutheranism

Nicholas I of Novodonetsk (full name Nikolai Sergei Wilhelm Friedrich, born 3 July 1006) is the second child of Prince Demetrius of Novodonetsk and Neubayern, Grand Duke Consort of Rhineburg and Helena, Crown Princess of Neubayern. He is the Tsar of Novodonetsk, serving as diarch alongside his sister Aria of Neubayern as the heads of state of Neubayern-Novodonetsk.


  • 1009 — 1025: His Imperial Highness Prince Nikolai of Rhineburg
  • 1025 — 1030: His Imperial Highness The Prince Nikolai of Neubayern
  • 1030 — present: His Imperial Highness The Tsarevich of Novodonetsk
  • 1057 — present: His Imperial Majesty Nicholas I, Tsar of the Donetskians and the Donetskian Constituents of the Federated States of Neubayern-Novodonetsk, Lord of Nachalzemli, Joint Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Armed Forces

His full title in German is Seine Kaiserliche Majestät Nikolaus, Zar des Donezkisches und Donezkische Bestandteile von die Neubayerisch-Neudonezkische Staatsbund, Lord von Donezkische Landzungen, Gemeinsame Oberbefehlshaber von Kriegswehr. In Russian, his title is Его Императорское Величество Николай, Царь Донецко и Донецкое Составляющие из Федеративные Государства Нойбайерн-Новодонецк, Властитель Началземли, Совместное Главнокомандующий Федеральные Вооруженные Силы (Yego Imperatorskoye Velichestvo Nikolai, Tsar' Donetsko i Donetskoe Sostavlyayushchiye iz Federativnyye Gosudarstva Noybayyern-Novodonetsk, Vlastitel' Nachalzemli, Sovmestnoe Glavnokomandushchiy Federalnyye Vooruzhennyye Sily).


Nicholas' mother is a direct descendant of Prince Georg, Duke of Karlstadt, the youngest son of Franz VI of Löwehausen, later Franz I of Neubayern, who established the House of Hohensberg. He is therefore a member of the Hohensberg-Karlstadt line, a cadet line of descent. The main line of descent died out with the death of Kaiser Friedrich IV, without an heir. Through his great-grandmother Henrietta, Nikolai is also a member of the von Krieseling noble family. Nikolai is also a matrilineal descendant of multiple other Neubayerisch noble families including the von Einengrad and von Weifern families.

Through his father, Nicholas I is also half Russian in ethnicity. In contrast, his father's side is completely devoid of traditionally noble blood. However, after his paternal grandfather Sergei Pavyluchenko was proclaimed the first Tsar of Novodonetsk, he and his descendants immediately acquired nobility, which has since been recognised by most other noble families in Neubayern and elsewhere. Therefore, patrilineally Prince Nikolai is a member of the House of Pavyluchenko. In the mid-11th century, the Houses of Hohensberg and Pavyluchenko were merged through letters patent, forming the House of Hohensberg-Pavyluchenko.

Prince Nikolai of Rhineburg
Born: 24th May 1009
Lines of succession
Preceded by
The Prince George
Line of succession to the Throne of Neubayern
3rd position
Succeeded by
The Prince Alexander of Novodonetsk
First Line of succession to the Donetskian Throne
1st position
Succeeded by
The Prince Alexander
Order of precedence in Neubayern
Preceded by
Prince Edward of Rhineburg
Gentlemen Succeeded by
The Prince Alexander of Novodonetsk
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