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Red Areas: Nations definitely allowed in LeagueStriped Areas: Nations most likely allowed in League White: Nations not allowed in League Note: This does not apply for Canadian nations. All Canadian nations are allowed in League

The Northern League is alliance of nations in the Northeast of North America. It is composed of New York, New England, Quebec, UAR, Illinois, Canada and Michigan.

It acts as a safeguard against southern and far-western powers.

Proposals for membership

Michigan would like formally invite the following nations to have membership in the NL.

New members, after accepting, are in.

West Pennslyvania (UAR): Member

East Pennslyvania: Memeber of the UAR

Rhode Island In war with current member

Delaware: (Memeber of the UAR)


Canada: Member

Illinois proposals


Missouri(if they survive):

California: Member

New York proposals


Concerning the Second Canadian War

President Jones would like to call an emergency meeting to discuss the current state of hostilities between Canada and Quebec. He proposes that something be done to ensure that the Northern League stays united.


Illinois declares that Fascist Virginia has unrightfully declared war on Illinois, and asks for something to be done.

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