Oct. 30, 1961: After the Tsar Bomba test, the Soviet Union makes the decision to produce more in secret.

August 22, 1962: The news that the Soviet Union has created a 50 Mt. nuclear bomb reaches President John F. Kennedy, however it is kept a secret until September 31, 1962.

Oct. 16, 1962: Due to the Cuban Missile Crisis, President John F. Kennedy thinks that the USSR is plotting to drop the Tsar Bomba on America. He orders the U.S. military to DEFCON 1 as well as the launch of 2 B41s on Moscow and a B53 on St. Petersburg.

Oct 16, 1962: The Soviet Union responds by dropping 100 Mt nuclear bombs on Washington D.C, Houston and Los Angeles.The fallout reaches Las Vegas, New York City and Philadelphia. They also drop 25 Mt nuclear bombs on London, Paris and Montreal. Oct. 18, 1962: The aftermath of the explosions leave 225 000 000 dead. The result is a nuclear winter.

Oct. 19, 1962: The news reaches the world that the American and Soviet government officals have died. Both countries collapse.

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