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  • Nuka-World is a loosely organized nation or alliance of powerful raider gangs centered in the former Nuka-Cola amusement park of Nuka-World. The alliance is led by a single supreme ruler, Overboss Colter, who first united the original three members of the alliance and seized Nuka-World from its original inhabitants. Over the course of the next year Colter and the other raider bosses would slowly take over all six parks of Nuka-World; the Galactic Zone, Dry Rock Gulch, Safari Adventure, Kiddie Kingdom, the Nuka-Cola bottling plant, and Nuka-Town USA.

The original inhabitants of the parks, as well as any traders or captured peoples of Nuka-World were initially used as slave labor to supply the gangs. While slavery continues to be used extensively in Nuka-World, a series of reforms in early 2288 opened the parks for settlement by other raiders and non-raider settlers, as a means to further supply the nation's activities and supply ample manpower. This contributed to one of the largest raider forces even seen, which was used to launch an invasion of the Commonwealth in 2288, leading to the subjugation of many more tribes and raider gangs, and the settlement or vassalage of additional towns.


The most prestigious of the raider gangs admitted into the Nuka-World alliance operate semi-independently, with their own raider bosses. However, each raider boss must swear allegiance to and obey the overboss, Colter.

  • The Pack - Led by Mason
  • The Disciples - Led by Nisha
  • The Operators - Led by Mags and William Black
  • The Rust Devils (2289) - Led by Jagger
  • The Waldens (2289) - Led by Walter


Nuka WorldEdit

  • Nuka-Town - The capital of the nation.


  • Coltertown (formerly Nuka-World transit center) - Regional capital in the Commonwealth. Ran by Colter himself and a garrison of personal guards and settlers.
  • Cap City (formerly Federal Ration Stockpile) - Operators
  • Walden Pond - Headquarters of the Waldens
  • Arcjet (formerly Arcjet Systems)
  • Fort Hagen - Rust Devils
  • Rocky Narrows
  • Natick
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