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PAX-12 is a dangerous, highly infectious virus that spread worldwide in 2019, with the first cases being reported in late 2018. The virus is believed to have infected Patient Zero somewhere in India, but by the time it was spotted, it had already spread worldwide and the first few PAX-12 related deaths were reported early in the year.

Patient Zero

Name: Sekar Rao

Wife: Annaya Rao

Father: Varun Rao

Mother: Shravika Lam

Date Infected: 11/3/18

Date of Death:11/6/18


Signs and Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of the virus is known to have as seen in patients and results of autopsies show coughing, sneezing, a nasty rash, absesnces on the abdominal cavity, as well as hermorrhaging, and also shows clear signs of immune suppression. The cause of death according to said autopsies shows to be catastrophic heart, lung and kidney failure as well internal hermorrhaging.

Transmission Methods

The virus normally tends to spread through air and water as well as blood and insects according to recent autopsies. Patient Zero prior to infection is believed to have had contact with livestock, making it another source of infection.

Current Response Measures

Threat Level

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