The year is 1953, Communism has compltely engulfed much of the Asia-Pacific. The United States, Empire of Japan, and Australia are the only nations standing in the way of a complete communist takeover. Small pockets of Anti-communist resistance has opened up lately are a fighting back. Take sides as a communist nations or an anticommunist nation or anticommunist resistance force to decide whether  Communist will take over the Asia-Pacific or will the Capitalist nations prevail. 


  • Tao64

Playable Communist Nations & GroupsEdit

Chinese Aligned CommunistsEdit

  • 800px-Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg People's Republic of China - AH28
  • Flag of LPRP People's Republic of Laos:
  • Flag of North Vietnam (1945-1955).svg Democratic Republic of Vietnam -

Soviet-North Korean aligned communistsEdit

  • 125px-Flag of North Korea.svg Democratic People's Republic of Korea -
  • Flag of the People's Republic of Mongolia (1940-1992) People's Republic of Mongolia
  • FNL Flag Viet Minh
  • Flag of the People's Republic of Brunei People's Republic of Borneo

Non-aligned CommunistsEdit

  • Communist Party of Burma flag (1946-1969) Socialist Republic of Myanmar -
  • Flag of Democratic Kampuchea Khmer Rouge - Wrto12 (talk) 13:37, February 13, 2016 (UTC)
  • Flag of the Communist Party of Thailand People's Republic of Siam

Playable Anticommunist Nations & GroupsEdit

  • Japan State of Japan: NathanialPrice
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea -Seiga
  • Flag of the Republic of China Republic of China: 
  • Flag of the Philippines Republic of the Philippines: Erizium (talk) 05:22, January 30, 2016 (UTC)
  • Flag of South Vietnam.svg Republic of Vietnam -
  • Cambodian flag Kingdom of Cambodia
  • Flag of Thailand Siam-
  • Indonesia Indonesia: Bozistanball 
  • 1949 Malaya Flag Proposal 1 Republic of Malaysia/Republic of Malaya:Everyone's Favorite Girl
  • Flag of Singapore Republic of Singapore: Great showing. B23 (talk) 10:53, February 2, 2016 (UTC)
  • Flag of Australia Commonwealth of Australia:Tao64
  • Flag of New Zealand Commonwealth of New Zealand:


  • Us flag United States of America
  • Flag of the Soviet Union Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Multiple Player Controlled OrganizationsEdit

  • Flag of the Pacific Maritime Defense Federation (PCMG) Pacific Maritime Defense Federation (Playable for those nations who have joined this Federation; mods within this group will decide the turn)


  • NPC's cannot launch nukes at anyone
  • Only mods can be NPCs
  • NPCs do not directly play turns, they will only have turns when requested by the playable nations
  • No peaceful mergers, it's an all out war.
  • Turns go by 3 months
  • The map will be updated every 2 years (8 turns)
  • You may only play as a terrorist group IF THEY EXISTED IN REAL LIFE.


Pacific Chaos Map

Mapmaker: The map is to updated every 2 years (8 turns)



Welcome to Pacific Chaos: Red Tide! Communism is rising rapidly in the Asia-Pacific as more and more countries fall to Communism, but there is a problem. There a two variants of Communism, Soviet and Chinese. Each countries must chose to be Capitalist or fall to either Soviet or Chinese Socialism. Who will prevail? Let's find out!

The Sino Soviet Split happens. Many countries are torn in between Soviet or Chinese Socialism, others are quick to takes sides.

Capitalist nations still maintain a stronghold in Asia, keeping Communism at bay...for now.

Republic of Malaya: Military buildup continues. We ask the US for funding and weapons.

South Korea: South Korea builds up its military. Meanwhile the Korean War continues against North Korea.

Republic of Singapore: The military is built. While the military begins the defensive plan on Singapore by building fortifications. The ports are built and some more residential buildings.

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