This is the discussion page for the Pacific Maritime Defense Federation (PMDF). All nations that have memberships in the PMDF will meet here to discuss defensive and offensive plans. Japan, the founder will not participate in any activity outside its maritime claim and jurisdiction. Japan will assist in planning. 


Flag of the Pacific Maritime Defense Federation (PCMG)

Regimental FlagsEdit

United States Maritime Defense RegimentEdit

PMDF US Regimental Flag (PCMG)

Japan Maritime Self-Defense RegimentEdit

PMDF Japanese Regimental Flag (PCMG)

Republic of Korea Maritime Defense RegimentEdit

PMDF South Korean Regimental Flag (PCMG)

Republic of the Philippines Maritime Defense RegimentEdit

Filipino Flag for WILD

Republic of Vietnam Maritime Defense RegimentEdit

Commonwealth of Australia Maritime Defense RegimentEdit

Current MembersEdit

  • Flag of the United StatesPMDF US Regimental Flag (PCMG) United States (co-founder)
  • JapanPMDF Japanese Regimental Flag (PCMG) Japan (co-founder)
  • Flag of South KoreaPMDF South Korean Regimental Flag (PCMG) Republic of Korea
  • Flag of the PhilippinesFilipino Flag for WILD Republic of the Philippines
  • Flag of South Vietnam.svg Republic of Vietnam
  • Flag of Australia Commonwealth of Australia
  • Flag of the Republic of China Republic of China


South Korean Invasion of North KoreaEdit

With the Sino-North Korean War going on, South Korea proposes a plan to invade North Korea so to prevent the Communist Chinese and Soviets from taking/annexing any part of land from North Korea and wanting all of North Korea to be under South Korean control; and wonders how to go about this.

If the U.S joins the war, the Republic of the Philippines shall join too (RNG Later). However, if the MDF (And the UN troops in the DMZ) joins the Sino-North Korean War, we could pretty much have a 3-way Cold War between the MDF, China, and the Soviet Union ~Erizium (talk)

  • The ROKMDR will most likely join in with the ROK Army, so we could have a 3 way cold war on our hands --WILDSTARSKAORI


Japanese Home Islands Defensive PlanEdit

Japanese Home Islands Defensive Plan (PCMG)

The JGSDF, JMSDF, JASDF, and JMSDR proposes to station ships around Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Kagoshima, and Miyazaki due those locations close proximity to the Korean peninsula and the PRC

We also plan on asking the ROC to contribute its naval forces to defend Yonagunjima, Ishigakijima and Mikyakojima along with the JMSDR. 

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