Pacific State is a nation in the former US.

Washington State flag proposal


State of Washington was a short-lived government established in 2025 after the Coup against the US Government, it was renamed to the United Republic of Washington in 2026 after the succesfull Invasion of Oregon with the United States of the West, it was renamed to the Pacific State in 2028, after the conquest of 13% of Idaho's land.

States of the Pacific StateEdit

State's listed by admission date.


  • Seattle District State
  • Okanogan State
  • Chelan State
  • Lewis State
  • Lincoln State


  • Wallowa State
  • Clark State
  • Jefferson State
  • Wasco State
  • Baker State
  • Yakima State


  • Kitsap State
  • Douglas State


  • Boundary State
  • Kootenai State
  • Lewis State


  • Linn State
  • Crook State
  • Malheur State

Pacific State Map

Foregein RelationsEdit

Foregein Relations of Pacific State
Nation Name Status
California Flag-1
United States of the West
Good - Ally since 2026

All nations not listed are neutral.

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