1. Some eastern provinces of France are ceded to Germany.
  2. South-eastern provinces of France around Marseilles are ceded to Italy.
  3. France is divided into three Zones: a French, an Italian and a German zone.
  4. Paris is also divided into similar zones.
  5. Germany retreats from French Africa, except Algeria and Madagascar.
  6. Tunisia and Morocco are given independence.
  7. The former Italian colonies in Somalia are given to Britain.
  8. A new international organisation, the United Nations is formed to keep peace and enforce human rights all around the world. Germany and Italy have to join this organisation.
  9. The peace of Moscow is recognised.
  10. Tibet is given full independence.
  11. The expansions of the Danubian Federation are recognised.
  12. The Republican governments of Spain and Turkey are recognised.
  13. The Balkan Union is merged into a federation.
  14. Germany retreats from Norway and Denmark.
  15. The independence of Greenland and Iceland are recognised.
  16. Germany demands that Denmark be recognised as part of the German Reich Republic.




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