Mutane Jamhuriyar Mabuda
People's Republic of Mabuda
Game: New World
Flag of Mali 1959-1961.svg
Flag of Mabuda
NewWorldLocatorMap 1016
Location of Mabuda
Capital Mutero
Largest city Chamzele
Other cities Mandawa, Kasenga, Mkonga, Umbamba
Mabudan Hausa
  others Orientalian, German
Secular (government), State Atheism
  others Shia Islam, Voodoo, Christianity, Judaism, Albanism
Ethnic groups
77% African
  others 12% Asian, 5% German, 2% Britannian, 6% others
Demonym Mabudan
Government Presidential Republic under Marxist–Leninist regime
  legislature National Assembly
President H. A. Frank
Chairman of the Politburo M. al-Khalid bin Fahajullah
Population 12,399,563 (990 est.) 
Established 997 AF

The People's Republic of Mabuda (Mabudan: Mutane Jamhuriyar Mabuda; German: Volksrepublik Mabuda; Hangoji Orientalian: 마부다 인민 쿄ᅪ코) is a nation located south of the Kingdom of Liberty, in the northern extreme of the continent of Sebastiana. 


The country has a president as head of state, but actual power is in the hands of a prime minister, who is also at the same the chairman of the party's Central Council, which is the chief decision-maker of state affairs. 

It is also divided to eight provinces. 

Provinces of Mabuda (New World Map Game)

  1. Capital District (Mutero)
  2. Derbas Province (Capital: Denbela)
  3. Belbelletti Province (Capital: Mkonga)
  4. Haramangwa Province (Capital: Ariena)
  5. Bannare Province (Capital: Kasenga)
  6. Mandawa Province (Capital: Mandawa)
  7. Neupreußen Province (Capital: Lampertheim)
  8. Chamzele Province (Capital: Chamzele)


Early HistoryEdit

Age of WarlordsEdit

Creation of the RepublicEdit

List of leadersEdit


  • Edward Mbudu (931-1033): Inaurugal holder. Ruled until his death in 1033.
  • Farid Mema (984-1041): Ruled from 1033 until he died in office in 1041.
  • Heinrich Armin Frank (988-) Ruled from 1041 until present.

Prime MinisterEdit

  • Field-Marshal Constanze Renner (997-1005)
  • Kanika Namdi (1005-1009)
  • Bishara Manzi (1009-1011)
  • Ali Ahmad al-Arif (1011-1022)
  • Sebastian Adler (1022-1034)
  • Mohammad al-Khalid bin Fahajullah (1034-Present)

Chairman of the PolitburoEdit

  • Field-Marshal Constanze Renner (997-1005)
  • Bishara Manzi (1005-1011)
  • Mayasa Akello (1011-1034)
  • Mohammad al-Khalid bin Fahajullah (1034-Present)
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