People's Socialist Republic of Ross
Daon-Phoblacht Shóisialach na Ros

Our esteem and our pride (English, Gaelic)

Anthem "March of Liberty"
(and largest city)
New Kildary (de jure); Dingwall (seat of government)
Other cities New Tarbat, Tain
English, Gaelic
  others Scottish Gaelic, Ulster Scots
Religion State Atheism
Ethnic groups
89% Scots
  others 6% Orientalian, 2% Irish, 3% Others
Demonym Rossian, South Rossian
Government Socialist one-party state
  legislature National People's Assembly
Chairman Fionnbharr Mac Giolla Eoin
Prime Minister Hamish Macbeth
Population 23,918,520 (1062 census) 
Independence from North Orientalia (de facto)

Clan of Ross (de jure)

  declared 10th March 1035 (de facto)

4th January 1033 (de jure)

Currency Rossian Pound (RSP, £)
Internet TLD .rp

North Ross, officially the People's Socialist Republic of Ross is a state located in the northern half of what was once the territories of the Clan of Ross. It was established on 10th March 1035 from the Revolutionary Central Committee of the Government of Ross and the North Orientalian zone of occupation which were formed after the end of the O'Brien Liberation War — following a proclamation of the Commitee as the new Rossian government at Dingwall.

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