Timeline: Swords, Banners and Rifles (Map Game)
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital: Mirrodin
Largest city: Kolios
Other cities: Thorn
Language: Grixish
Religion: Paganism
King: ​List of Rulers of Phyrexia (Swords, Banners and Rifles Map Game)
Population: 100,000,000 
Currency: Gold Coins

Phyrexia is a nation in the continent of Terra Meridium

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Army Edit

Most units in the army used muskets as their main weapon and daggers and pistols as their secondary weapon. While higher ranking commanders used Katanas and pistols.

Navy Edit

The Navy used caravels to get around. Carracks and other smaller ships were used as well.

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Government Edit

The nation is ruled by a king.

Industry Edit

The nation is known for its farming. Many crops are farmed in the nation. Domesticated animals are also used by farmers of the nation. Fishing is big to within the nation. Processed foods are also made by skilled people. Clothing and wood working are important to the nation too. Pottery is important to the nation.

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A normal looking soldier


Capital city of Mirrodin

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