Plastica Revolution! is a map game created by Cilety. It takes place in a world where Plastic Army Men are fighting for control of the planet Plastica.

Lore Edit

The year is 240 ME (Modern Era). 19 years ago, the planet was ridden with conflict when Grey attacked, causing 4 years of war. During that time, several nations fell, and several grew. Now, 15 years later, the Tan and Green tensions are rising, causing the entire world to get involved. Now you decide what happens

Nations Edit

The nations of the game are the following:

Nation Name Player Alliance
Blue Cilety None
Red Available None
Green Available None
Tan Available None
Purple Available None
Grey Available None
Yellow Available None

Rules Edit

  • No Mini Mods. Only Admins and the Creator can enforce rules. If you have a problem, ask us on our pages.
  • Be Mature and Nice. We don't want any people calling each other ********.
  • No OP moves. You can't rush development on nukes or suddenly control 3/4th's of a country instantly.
    • A branching rule of #3, no forceful moves such as making a country handing over its territory without the player of the nation authorizing the trade.
      • Another branching rule of #3, make intelligent moves. Don't invade Green as Yellow for a small piece of land. Negotiate. Make a deal.
  • War without reason is not allowed. You can't invade Grey just for the lol's.
  • No starting turns. The Creator is the only one who can start turns. (Admins can start turns if the Creator is inactive for several days, which is 7 days).

(To apply as an Admin, ask me on my page)

Map Edit

I don't when it will be ready, but it will don't worry.


Turn 1 - 240 ME Edit

  • none yet
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