• Civilization name: Polynesian inca
  • Civilization adjective: incan/ Polynesian
  • Government: republic
  • Ruler title:mountan king/ canue warlord
  • Language(s): too many to name
  • Official Religion: Polynesian pantheons, incan pantheons Dominant
  • Practiced Religion: incan pantheon  
  • Culture: incan, Polynesian Civilization
  • Description: incan Polynesia was founded when a Polynesian king assaulted a growing incan empire. Eventuly, a deal was struck where they united, with the Polynesian kings Ruling from wahi (Santiago) and the incans ruling from pachiin (lima). when they encounter new people, they ussualy let themselves watch them and judge.
  • Ruling family: House of hamahameha and pachacuti Historical Friends/Rivals/Enemies: none... weve been isolated!
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