Prestna Julivan
Queen of Liberty
Game: New World
Official portrait of the queen, 1000
Queen Consort of Liberty
Reign May 19, 982 — present
Coronation August 17, 982
Predecessor Jamia Julivan
Consort King Tryvon Julivan
Issue Elani, Crown Princess of Liberty

Phillip Julivan of Liberty

Full name
Prestna (née Gratra) Julivan
House Gratra

House of Julivan (by marriage)

Father George, Duke of New Östergötland
Mother Hannah, Duchess Consort of New Östergötland
Born July 17, 953 (age 113)
New Östergötland Palace
New Östergötland
Kingdom of Liberty
Religion Pure Lutheranism

Prestna Julivan (Pronunciation: Pr-ES-tNA Jul-IV-an) is the current queen consort of the Kingdom of Liberty, and is also the wife of King Tryvon Julivan. She was born on July 17, 953 at the New Östergötland Palace in New Östergötland. She is the youngest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of New Östergötland, with two older brothers.

While growing up in New Östergötland, she was highly publicized across the New Östergötland and was very famous across the countryside. She would always travel with her father on trips around the country which even brought the attention to the royal family and their royal court as a possible future wife of the heir to the throne, Crown Prince, Tryvon Julivan who was about three years older than Prestna.

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