Prince of Silverwood
Game: New World
August's official portrait, 1045
Full name
August Jakob Valdemar Franz
(English: August Jacob Walter Francis)
House House of Hohensberg
Father Prince Franz, Duke of Silverwood
Mother Princess Kiera, Duchess of Silverwood
Born 15 December 1039 (Age 28)
Schierling Zentralhospital
Schierling, Silverwood
Religion Lutheranism

Prince August of Silverwood (full name: August Jakob Valdemar Franz) is the only son of the Duke and Duchess of Silverwood. He has a twin sister, Princess Aurora. August was named after his grandfather, Prince August of Neubayern, who ruled Neubayern between 975 and 1025 as Heinrich III.


  • 1039 — present: His Imperial Highness Prince August of Silverwood

In German, his full title is Seine Kaiserliche Hoheit Prinz August von Silberwaldland.

Prince August of Silverwood
Born: 15 December 1039
Lines of succession
Preceded by
The Duke of Silverwood
Line of succession to the Throne of Neubayern
10th position
Succeeded by
Princess Aurora of Silverwood
Order of precedence in Neubayern
Preceded by
The Duke of Silverwood
Gentlemen Succeeded by
Prince Friedrich, Duke of Weimarsberg
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