Prince of Neubayern
Game: New World
1st Duke of Weimarsberg
Investiture 8th August 969
Predecessor Post created
Walther von Nürnsbad (as Earl of Weimarsberg)
Consort Princess Katrin-Emilia
Issue Prince Joachim of Weimarsberg
Prince Charles of Weimarsberg
Full name
Friedrich Nikolaus Johann
(English: Frederick Nicholas John)
House House of Hohensberg
Father Wilhelm VI
Mother Henrietta, Dowager Kaiserin
Born 8th August 951 (age 116)
St Martin Hospital
Religion Lutheranism

Prince Friedrich, 1st Duke of Weimarsberg (full name Friedrich Nikolaus Johann, born 8th August 951) is the inaugural leader of the Duchy of Weimarsberg (Herzogtum Weimarsberg). He was appointed Duke on his 18th birthday in 969, the same day Weimarsberg was elevated from Earldom.


  • 951 — 969: His Imperial Highness The Prince Friedrich of Neubayern
  • 969 — present: His Imperial Highness The Duke of Weimarsberg

His full title in German is Seine Kaiserliche Hoheit Der Herzog von Weimarsberg.

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