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Prince of Neubayern
Game: New World
Prince Georg at school, 1059
Full name
Georg Peter Wilhelm Ernst
(English: George Peter William Ernest)
House House of Hohensberg
Father Sean, Prince Consort of Neubayern
Mother Aria of Neubayern
Born 22 January 1052 (Age 15)
Münchner Zentralhospital
Religion Lutheranism

Prince Georg of Neubayern (full name: Georg Peter Wilhelm Ernst) is the younger son of Kaiserin Aria of Neubayern and her Britannian husband the The Prince Consort.

Georg is currently second in line to the Neubayer throne, after his brother, Edward. He is the third grandchild and great-grandchild of the late Kaiserin Helena and her father Prince August of Neubayern respectively.

Prince Georg is a polyglot: from birth he has been taught to understand, speak, read and write in German, English, Dutch, Donetskian and Orientalian — he uses German and English most frequently to communicate with his parents and family. He is recognised to be extremely intelligent, as the son of a respected Britannian engineer and talented Neubayer artist, and has been named a child prodigy on multiple occasions — his brother has received similar attention. It is currently planned for him to join Edward at the prestigious Rhineburg City Central College.


Georg running in the annual Putingrad City-to-Surf charity run with running mate and cousin Princess Maria Nikolaevna in 1062

  • 1052 — present: His Imperial Highness The Prince George of Neubayern

His full title in German is Seine Kaiserliche Hoheit Prinz Georg von Neubayern.

Prince George of Neubayern
Born: 22 January 1052
Lines of succession
Preceded by
The Crown Prince
Line of succession to the Throne of Neubayern
2nd position
Succeeded by
The Tsarevich of Novodonetsk
Order of precedence in Neubayern
Preceded by
The Crown Prince
Gentlemen Succeeded by
The Tsarevich of Novodonetsk