Proctor means:

  1. In law, a proctor is an attorney or solicitor acting in some courts.
  2. In the church, a proctor represents the clergy in Church of England dioceses.
  3. In education, a proctor is the name of university officials in certain universities, or a supervisor or invigilator during an exam.
  4. A supervisor, monitor; specifically : one appointed to supervise students (as at an examination)
  5. A supervisor especially of an examination or dormitory in a school.
  6. (Education) a member of the teaching staff of any of certain universities having the duties of enforcing discipline
  7. (Education) US (in a college or university) a supervisor or monitor who invigilates examinations, enforces discipline, etc
  8. (Law) (formerly) an agent, esp one engaged to conduct another's case in a court
  9. (Law) (formerly) an agent employed to collect tithes
  10. (Anglicanism) Church of England one of the elected representatives of the clergy in Convocation and the General Synod
  11. a person appointed to keep watch over students at examinations.
  12. a school official charged with any of various supervisory or disciplinary duties.
  13. to supervise or monitor.
  14. a person appointed to keep watch over students at examinations.
  15. an official charged with various duties, especially with the maintenance of good order.
  16. To supervise or monitor.
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