This Map game is now closed since it was not edited for 7 days in a row!

NOT sure if Hitlerian Hell has ended. Anyway I will just reboot so that I can see if anyone is still interested.I hope rebooting this is ok. Anyway,this is a game in which the Axis wins WW2 and we have a triple Cold War between the Axis and Allies

Nations Edit

Germany-Italy Axis Edit

  • Nazi Germany - Epic
  • Italy -

Japan-Thailand Axis Edit

Pro-British Allies Edit

  • Free North France
  • Britain and all colonies and dominions - Epic
  • Brazil
  • Liberated Korea -lord falconis (just ally with Germany and all of Korea is yours!)
  • United States Remnant (just ally with Germany and you get the Northwest Government)

Communist States Edit

  • The Soviet Union German puppet called Tsardom of Russia.
  • Communist Cuba Part of America
  • Vietnam Puppet of Japan called Empire of Vietnam not Communist
  • North Korea lord Falconis This is Liberated Korea (Pusan) and is NOT communist
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