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In 2018, a new disease called Death, the destroyer of Worlds occurred. The pandemic itself killed 5.3 Billion. The world descended into anarchy and human being turned against human being, with no end in sight. However, by 2022, the situation began to calm. Many people fled into bunkers, sewers, caves and anything underground, called the Safe Zone. During the time, much of human history, culture and recordings were forgotten. In 2192, many these people came out of these bunkers, to a new world. These people became hunter-gatherers, but by 2201 new nations formed. However, each nation is only a city and the surrounding land currently. Can you bring your city to a nation's glory and restore the greatness of the old civilizations?

This map game is a collaboration with Warrioroffreedom123 and Mli048.

Rules Edit

  • No cursing, inter-player brawling, trolling or foul language.
  • No racist comments about other players real life ethnic origins.
  • No Sexist comments about other players real life gender.
  • I control the AI.
  • We (Mli048 and Warrioroffreedom123) are the head moderator.
  • Please be active every three days.
  • No switching countries unless you do not have one.
  • Have fun!!!
  • You can research based off how many major cities you have. You may research more research capacity, however that takes three years and pauses any current research projects.
  • You can expand the most at 50% of your countries size per turn.
  • You only know lands in the blue line. In order to know more, you have to send explorers.

Nations Edit


Republic of Zaire: Warrioroffreedom123

North America

United Cities of Seattle: The great lord of swift birds My Talk Page!

Vegas Commonwealth : Mr.Orwell

Realm of Phoenix: Loadedlanguage


Federal Republic of Schweiz: Hexarafi

Republic of Olso: Mli048


Fascist State of Magadh: Dev271

Fujian Dynasty (City of Quanzhou) Zamarak500 (talk) 05:13, December 15, 2016 (UTC)

Map Edit

Link for map:

It is still under construction.

The Game Edit

2201 Edit

  • Kinshasha: We hear about a great nation that used to exist, Zaire. We hear about its former borders. We decide, it is time, to restore that nation. We utilize our industries to their greatest ability, and we open up three factories. People in surrounding villages are incorporated into the nation. We aim to take Brazzaville as well. Universal education is set up. Our official language in English. We find an old weapon, an AK47. We also find a ruined T72 tank. We aim to build a copy of that tank in a year. AK47s have begun mass production. We also produce radios. A housing project begins. We realize that the former DR Congo was the richest country on earth in terms of natural resources, yet one of the poorest in Per Capita GDP. We aim to utilize these resources. We also have found out that the DR Congo had enormous solar energy potential, so we build solar panels all across the land we have. We expand 10,000 square kilometers out of the city. We aim to incorporate former DRC, former ROC, former CAR, former Gabon, and former Cameroon.
  • Vegas: Under Robert Darling we have survived, barely. We aim to unite Southern Nevada with our military. With scavenged vehicles we move troops to Hoover Dam to control the power supply and the water from Lake Mead.
  • Olso: We hear of an old empire called Britannia. Inspired by Britannia, we determined ourselves to become a naval empire across the Baltic and the North Sea. We design a tank called the N-1 from an old tank called an M1A1 Abrams. We build four of them and a recon plane. We also recruit 2,000 men and build a patrol boat, sending 500 of to OTL Scotland for a colony. We expand ten KM from our border and improve relations with Copenhagen. We begin a research of a cure should Death, the destroyer of Worlds, occur again. (Secret: We begin a 3.5 year project to use as a chemical weapon). We also state our next elections will be in 2205.

2201.5 Edit

  • Vegas: A coup occurs by a powerful man named Josiah. Josiah see's Vegas' potential as controller of the southwest, holding the water supply and a major power plant in the Southwest. Josiah sends the "Cobra's", a group of vehicular raiders to occupy Nipton, California, and Goodsprings, Nevada.
  • Zürich: We came out of bunker seven years ago (2194). After that, we began to rebuild the city, it is called Zürich. We began build farms and collect water from dam and rivers. Nowadays, we begin to explore the world, continue build our nation, and find the "mystery" for what happened in the past. We discover a map of former nation called Schweiz, and then we begin expanding our territory. When the expansion, we discover 1,300 survivors. We start to operate computer, and bicycle is used as people's transportation.
  • Kinshasha: We expand, we besiege Brazzaville and are about to incorporate it into our republic. We decide to expand more aggressively now, and seize 50% of our countries size. We declare the Republic of Zaire. In case the diesease re appears, we are working on a cure. Minerals are mined for material wealth, and we have a massive solar project to power the nation. There is universal education and necessities. We begin production of T72 tank copies. We build five of them. Our flag is the same as OTL Zaire.
  • Olso: We expand our Scottish colony, explore the rest of Iceland and expand our land to connect to Gothenburg. We make five N-1, a bomber plane that carries up to three tons and recruit 3,000 soldiers. We invade Gothenburg, bombarding them with our plane and taking land near the northern border and Stenungsund. 300 of our 200 soldiers are sent back to help in the war against Gothenburg from our colony. We also start to rebuild the old city.

2202 Edit

  • Vegas: Josiah sends "El Hombre" and his group of latino raiders to Area 51 for fun. Josiah follows behind in a custom version of a bus built for speed and war. Vegas traders also make contact with survivors in Los Angeles and begin to trade water for supplies.
  • Zaire: Now that we have seized more land, we change our name to Zaire. We continue the battle for Brazzaville, and it appears ww will emerge the victors. Wealth flows into our nations populace, and we expand half our current territory this half a year. The reason why wealth is flowing is because our land is very rich in terms of natural resources. We find four old Su-25 light attack/trainer aircraft and we decide to replicate them. Production will begin next half of the year. Seeing the resource-rich area of Kivu, we aim to send colonizers over there.
  • Olso: We advance 37 km into Gothenburg. We expand our colony and explore the Baltic, discovering new countries. We build six N-1, seven artillery pieces and recruit 4,000 soldiers. We find three crashed fighter jets called an F-16 and make a copy of it, repairing the crashed ones and build two more of them. We called them O-1. We use them on Gothenburg, proving very effective. Our cure is complete, we use them on our army and population, proving to work.
  • Zürich: We discover new city during expansion, called Berne. Military is formed with strength of 4,000 troops. We began industrialize our nation. We start to use car for transportation, and it is still in improvement. We begin to establish communication with survivors from other cities, they claimed they are from München, Basel, Vaduz, and Innsbruck.

2202.5 Edit

  • Olso: We expand our colony and find a second one on a place called Esbjerg. We build seven N-1, five artillery pieces, two patrol boats, three O-1 and recruit 5,000 soldiers. We take the rest of Gothenburg and annexing them. We also take the land down the coast to Varberg. We now control two major cities. We have 15,000 soldiers, 22 N-1, eight O-1, 12 Artillery pieces, three patrol boats, a recon plane and a bomber plane.
  • ​Vegas: We wage war with a local raider gang lead by a man named Johnny Red River down in in Jean Nevada. We scavenge a huge stockpile of weapons and vehicles from Area 51 (just for lore purposes no aliens since a UFO would be OP AS F.UCK). We also attempt to begin manufacturing bullets to supply our army.
  • Zürich: We discover the survivors from Basel and Vaduz, we decide to establish nation named Schweiz. We also discover another survivors in the west (exactly in Geneve), but we can't communicate well with them (we use German language and they use French). But, therefore, we start friendly relation with them, and we learn their language, as well them. First tank is build and operated.
  • Phoenix: We intend to expand our city and become a large producer of solar energy and tropical foods. We start rebuilding our water pipe system and begin work on a large solar power plant. The federal bank begins loaning out money. We ask Las Vegas for a non-aggression pact and also a monetary union. (Las Vegas Response Needed). We start building our army and send merchants, scientists, and soldiers to Los Angeles, Tucson, Albuquerque, and Sonora.
    • We accept for now
  • Magadh-Our country is centered around the city of Gaya now called Old Gaya. Our capital is New Gaya built on the city of Bodh Gaya. The people seek to recreate the Magadh under Ashokan times. We control the whole of erstwhile Gaya and Aurangabad districts. Our official language is Magadhi Prakrit which was recreated as it was spoken during ancient times. We try to recreate and setup the internet in Prakrit. We establish contacts with groups of people in Lucknow, Delhi, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar and other areas. The land is cleaned of dead bodies and the Republic expands. We establish contact with people from Rangoon and establish an exclave there. The Armed Forces are setup and a Ministry for the Discovery of lost Cultures, History and Technology is set up. We find many weapons in army cantonments and dumps across the country. A Joint sector project for the production of Affordable and Reliable small hatchbacks. Subhash Chandra Bose is hailed as a hero and mass production in various industries begins. Cities are rebuilt.
  • Zaire: The battle for Brazzaville continues. We still continue our economic polices. We expand in a way that we surround Brazzaville and block supplies. We hastily assemble Su-25 jets and begin striking Brazzaville positions. In other news, we explore western Congo. We plan to reclaim all of the former DRC, ROC, Gabon, CAR, and Cameroon.

2203 Edit

  • Olso: We expand both of our colonies, our Scottish colony takes a city called Aberdeen. We notice a city called Edinburgh expanding. Another city called Stockholm has expanded and Copenhagen has taken the entire island they are on. We also explore Northern Germany. We hear rumors of a city state called Zurich. We expand south and west, taking Skien and Halmstad. Hearing of vast resources of oil, we base an oil rig in the North Sea. We also begin research of fusion power, using Gothenburgian scientists. We plan to have fusion power by 2212. We build eight N-1 and four Artillery pieces, start the construction of a frigate, recruit 6,000 troops and build four O-1.
  • Zaire: Industries are mobilized to their fullest extent, and solar panels continue to be opened up for wealth. Raw minerals have been extracted for wealth. We have 20 T72 tanks and five Su25s. Brazzaville has been fully seized. We expand half of our nations land. Our military now stands at 10,000.
  • Vegas: We continue to expand our raider influence. with our large makeshift vehicle fleet. We use the helicopters from captured air force bases to try and take the Grapevine Mountains of Southern California. And attempt to travel to parts of Nevada and Utah.
  • Phoenix: Our solar plant is in construction, it should be done by the end of next year. Educational standards are being written, and schools are being rebuilt, now mandatory for all children aged 6-17. The government is beginning to make more weapons. A transportation system is being rebuilt. We try to invade Tucson with three thousand soldiers. More hospitals are built, and under these circumstances everyone will get free healthcare. We would like to jointly adopt the Cordillera Dollar (CLD) with Las Vegas (Vegas response needed)
  • Our question is whether you have anything to back it up, otherwise it's worthless
  • Fujian: In 2203, Duan Lingxin lead to a coup against the fragile government of the city of of Quanzhou, formed two years ago. In a move that may seem as a sign of madness to some or a sign of strength to others, Duan Lingxin declare himself Emperor of China. He claim, although wrongly, that the entire province of Fujian (which is where his Dynasty's name come from) is under is direct control. This show of confidence is sure, according to him, to galvanise the population and give them hopes. His first orders are to fortify the government HQ, which is renamed the "Imperial Palace" and to order a forced conscription. Emperor Lingxin then send envoys to the cities of Xiamen, Putian and Zhangzhou to ask for their loyalty and obedience to his Dynasty.
  • Mod: None of the cities accept your offer, seeing you as a crazy dictator and knowing you can be easily defeated by a coalition of the three cities you made offers too.
  • Schweiz: We continue our expansion. We finally meet the survivors from Innsbruck and Munich, we also can communicate with survivors who speak French, but we meet another survivors in the South, who speak another languages (Italian). We start communication with survivors from Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Salzburg, Wien, Graz, and Lyon. Military is continued to be upgraded, 3,000 troops are recruited. Car is widely-used in Zürich and Bern. The industry of electronic, food, and beer are growing up. We start to operate train, after we repaired the railway. We set the internet in our territory, and the first internet domain post-apocalyptic,, that is the communication center for survivors. We receive a news about the nation in the North, and is called Oslo.
  • Magadh: We continue expanding. Our country is backed by a formidable army and air force. Our scientists and researchers are working towards creating newer technologies. The Internet (predominantly Prakrit) has been established and we establish contacts with the new nations we know of. Maglev train lines are being set up on the Airports have been rebuilt and railway services launched. We set up a Merchant Navy. Many businesses are being set up. Industries are restarted and a Ministry for Environmental Safety is set up to keep a check so that the Global Warming situation is not repeated. Energy produced is mostly Nuclear, Thermal and Hydro. Most cars and industries run on electricity and coal rather than oil. All villages are being rebuilt according to strictly enforced plans. The pharmaceutical industry has been re-established and is producing medicines for domestic use and export.

2203.5 Edit

  • Olso: We expand our country and our colonies, joining the border with Malmo. We see Malmo and Stockholm expanding. We also explored Southern Germany and Switzerland, discovering a city state called "Schweiz". We build We build nine N-1 and four Artillery pieces, plan to finish the construction of a frigate, recruit 7,000 troops and build five O-1. We base our army at our border with Malmo. We send a bundle of flowers and a bottle of wine as a friendship offer to Schweiz. We base another oil rig near our old one.
  • Zaire: We launch an offensive to seize the coast and set up a harbor. The eight su 25s we have are used to seize the coast. We increase the military to 20,000 Soldiers, T72 tank production continues, Su25 production continues. However, we begin plans for our first ever navy. Industries are mobilized to their fullest potential, while we build solar panels all across the land. Minerals are extracted for their wealth. We have fully seized Brazzaville as well. We announce plans to modernize Kinshasa with modern trains an electric cars and other ways of modernization. We build a tactical version of the AK47 with modern rails and such. Our troops wear this camo: Meanwhile, we create a religion centered around our God, the former Zaire President, Mobutu, Sese Seko. We use persecution of his followers often as a justification to invasion. We being to set up communication stations in the hopes of making contact with more nations.
  • "united cities of Seattle:' we have successfully made a confederation of the surrounding neighborhoods, and thus subdued control of Seattle. The Catholic dominant remnants see a collapsed tower, and believe that the plague was caused by god because our towers were too tall. We attempt to salvage the boats in the harbor, and our leader is elected as John Caywell. We also find a lot of hardware in the ruins, and we are trying to make them work, hoping they are of some value. With a few radios, we can make contact with a few cities. (OTL Victoria, OTL Portland, OTL Spokane, and OTL Tacoma.
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