This Map game is now closed since it was not edited for 7 days in a row!

Welcome to Renewed Tensions. RT is a map game (And a Russian news network) due to increasing sanctions on NATO's enemies, (Russia, China, etc) a new cold war has started, very close to a war, with 2 sides forming. NATO, and the Saransk Pact. A virus is spreading which is rapidly killing people and dare I say it... Has a 6% chance of turning them into Zombies?

Rules Edit

  • Wikia Rules apply.
  • For the sake of the game, Nukes only destroy small parts of a city.

War Algorithim Edit

  • Country has more soldiers +10
  • Country has better equipment +5
  • Country has political turmoil - 6
  • Country invaded into Nato/SP -2
  • Country has more industrial power +7
  • Countrys people wanting the war -3
  • Countrys citizens not wanting the war -5
  • Conscription +3 with condemnation likely
  • Opressed side in absorb war +5
  • Opressed side in capture war +3

War System Edit

  • When a country declares war, it can start an absorb war or capture war.
  • If you lose a capture war, you will stay in the game but must follow superiors every commans.
  • If you lose an absorb war which is less likely, you lose the game.

SP Edit

Seniors Edit

  • Russia:
  • China:

Members Edit

  • Pick your country and what side they are on for these ones, any country not listed on NATO or not afilliated is okay.

Captured Edit


Seniors Edit

  • US:
  • UK: (Scotland is independent)
  • Germany: Fester96

Members Edit

Captured Edit

Unafilliated and Groups (Such as isis etc) Edit

More to be added soon

Mods Edit

  • Owner: Fester96
  • Admin: Vacant
  • Mods: Vacant
  • Partisan Mods cannot decide the victor in wars, only create sudden events.
  • To apply, just leave your name and a short paragraph on why you should be selected.

Game Start! 2023 Edit

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