Republic of the Hudson River
Republic of the Hudson River
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Location Hudsonia
Location Hudsonia
Capital Hudson City.
Largest city Port Hudson.
Other cities Two Rivers, North Lake, Martinez, Smith, Maguire, Clifford, Dallas, Greenford, Yonkers, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Hoboken, Castleford, Marsh Ford, North Port, Stillwater, South Port, Middle Port, New Port, West Port, Navajo City, Long Sparrow and Longtown.
New York dialect of American English.
  others Ohio dialect of American English, Cantonese, Mexican Spanish and Navajo.
Protestant Christian.
  others Roman Catholic Christian, Buddhist and Native Navajo creeds.
Ethnic groups
  others Black, Hispanic, Chinese, Navajo and coloured.
Demonym Hudsonian.
Government Democratic republic.
  legislature Parliament.
President Walter Thomas
Prime Minister Henry Davis
Population 35,250,000 (990 est), 35,500,000 (1015 est), 35,255,000 (1020 est), 35,590,000 (1030 est), 35,750,000 (1040 est), 35,940,000 (1050 est), 36,250,000 (1060 census), 36,545,000 (1065 census). 

The Republic of the Hudson River, commonly referred to as Hudsonia, is a parliamentary republic consisting of four main provinces, 2 major port districts and a federal district. The country is currently ruled by President John Smith and Prime Minister Jon Patterson.

President Walter Thomas and Prime Minister Henry Davis had retired after 40 years of wise and erudite rule in 1030. President Zoe Davis had a short rule from 1030 to 1040 and Prime Minister Charlene Minogue run from 1030 to 1045. Elections are every 5 years.

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