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Technology by country

By now, every country is default(on their default technology, which depends on the technology points.)

Technology points

Technology point can only be earned. There's also a research point, which is like money to by stuffs.

Default technology

  • Technology point -1: Mesopotamian level
  • Technology point 0: Medieval level
  • Technology point 1: Pre-Tank(1900) level, domestically hardly modernized
  • Tech point 4: Pre-WW2 level(arms),domestically modernized
  • Tech point 5: OTl today military,domestically 2020-level
  • Tech point 6: Men-on Mars, High tech
  • Tech point 7: be able to terraform planets with already good climates
  • Tech point 8: 2075 Superpower, interstellar navigation(MWCN,etc.)
  • Tech point 9: Unknown( none to date )
  • Tech point 10: Unknown( none to date )

Earning research points

Tech point vs research points

  • Tech -1: 0; nothing requires tech point
  • Tech 0: 1
  • Tech 2: 2
  • Tech 3: 3
  • Tech 4: 5
  • Tech 5: 8
  • Tech 6: 13
  • Tech 7: 21
  • Tech 8: 34
  • Tech 9: unknown(Tip: it is NOT55)


Research tree

Technology -1

  • Neolothic: requires a Researching this requires at least 12 years, and a 1/10 chance per year to figure this out after this.
  • Paleolithic: requires a Researching this requires Neolithic, at least 10 years, and a 1/12 chance after this year to figure this out.
  • Basic spears: requires Paleolithic. Researching this requires Neolithic, and if you already have Paleolithic this will boost the speed. It requires 5 years if you had Neolithic and 3 if you have Paleolithic.
  • Agricultrual Revolution: requires Paleolithic. And need a 1/30 chance to complete it. it not only unlocks lots of researches, and it also unlocks the agricultural point.
  • Settlement: requires Basic Spears and Paleolithic. You need 4-7 years to develope this.
  • City: Requires Agricultrual revolution of Settlement with an addition for nomads near you. The research requires
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