The Roman-American Imperium is a nation in Europe and North America.

History Edit

Founding Edit

The Imperium was founded when coups happened in both the Roman Republic and the Iroquios Confederation.These put monarchist rulers in both and they agreed to unite into the Roman-Iroquios Imperium.

Becoming American,the New Jersey War (Nova Caesarea Bellum) Edit

Later,the Roman-Iroquios troops invaded New Jersey . Although facing stiff resistance,the Roman-Iroquios emerged victorious and annexed New Jersey. Finally, the Battle of Massachusetts (Battaglia Vicino Alle Grandi Colline Blu) happened resulting in a Roman-Iroquois victory and the annexation of Massachusetts.

Becoming American,the New England War (Nova Bellum Angliae) Edit

First, the New England  Confederation was attacked by the Roman-Iroquios troops. Next, the New English got the native tribes on their side. Later, the Roman-Iroquios troops emerged victorious. Finally, the Roman-Iroquios Imperium annexed the entire OTL American Northeast.They then changed their name to the Roman-American Imperium.

Languages Edit

The 3 official languages are English(Same as OTL),which is a combination of American and Latin and used as an intermediate between areas,Latin (Same as OTL),which is used in Europe, and American(Mix of German and Native Iroquios).

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