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Free State of the Red Islands
Freistaat Rotinsel
Wladwriaeth am ddim o Ynysoedd Coch

Game: New World
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Rotinsel
Location of Rotinsel

Ein Reich, Ein Tir, Ein Mam (Welsh)
("Our Reich, Our Land, Our Mother")

Anthem "May our Land save our great Kaiserin"
(and largest city)
St Martinsburg
Other cities New Königstadt, Aurorastadt, New Kaiserburg, Eryrdydd (Adlerburg)
German, Welsh
  others English
None (secular government)
  others Lutheranism, Albanism
Ethnic groups
  others Germans, Asians
Demonym Rotinselian
Government Constitutional monarchy
Kaiser Helena
Staatsleiter Dafydd ap Enwilyn
Population 52,820 (996 census), 52,845 (1006 census), 52,830 (1016 census), 54,750 (1026 census), 56,880 (1036 census), 57,830 (1046 census), 58,930 (1056 census), 62,780(1066 census) 
Established 21st October 1015
Currency Neubayero-Donetskian krone (NDK)

Rotinsel, officially the Free State of the Red Islands (German: Freistaat Rotinsel) is a Free State of the United Reich of New Bayern, located on an island group off the eastern coast of Terra Rossa. Rotinsel was established in 1015 as an Imperial Colony after it was deemed suitable for Neubayerisch colonisation. There was little resistance on the part of the natives to the Neubayerisch colonists, and some tribes openly embraced Neubayerisch rule and modernisation. The settlers, mostly concentrated in the colonial capital of St Martinsburg and the other settlements of New Königstadt, Aurorastadt and Kaiserburg. Another city was built for the natives, Eryrdydd, although in the decades since then multiculturalism has become a feature of Rotinselian cities in general. After the Umstrukturierung program, Rotinsel was transformed into a fully integrated Free State of the Reich.

Rotinsel has a proportionally large young population: approximately 65% of all people living in the Colony are under the age of 18. As such, many schools have been built all across the islands to cater for all the children living on the Colony.

Rotinsel has an ethnic majority of Welsh, who migrated centuries prior to what is now Rotinsel from the Terra Rossian mainland.