Welcome to the Rule Oceania map game! This is a brand new map game that you guys can join. EpicMFan has taken over. Seriously guys, if you‘re going to make a map game contribute yourself! The game starts when two people have contribute. You can contribute whenever you like; you will start playing the next day.


  1. Do not be dumb.
  2. EpicMFan makes the final choice and can over turn you.
  3. Do not argue or be kicked from the game.
  4. Do not fight with EpicMFan
  5. Keep this realistic
  6. Each turn is a year. There is a turn everyday. If you are not active for 5 days I will kick you so we can get somebody active in the game

Review the rules each day.


Australia - EpicMFan

West Australia -

North Island -

South Island -

New Caledonia-

Norfolk Island -

Union Of Islands -

North Paupa -

Middle Paupa -

South Paupa -


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