Hello Edit

This is my first map game. I hope it is okay, join if you want. I thought it would be fun, I hope many of you join it.

Backstory Edit

At the start of 2030, WW3 has passed, leaving dramatic changes carved into the Earth. The EU merges into a single entity, the European Federation. Scotland and Catalonia bot have independence and Northern Ireland is reunited with Ireland. Russia is merged with Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Finland and Afghanistan.

Rules Edit

  • Yes Swearing
  • Add new countries on and on when new people come
  • No Racism
  • Add more, please
  • No Sexism

Fallen Nations Edit

  • Croatia (Merged with Italy)
  • Slovenia (Merged with Italy)
  • Switzerland (Merged with Italy)
  • All EU members except Italy (Merged into European Federation)
  • Russia (Eurasian Union)
  • Belarus (Eurasian Union)
  • Armenia (Eurasian Union)
  • Georgia (Eurasian Union)
  • Kazakhstan (Eurasian Union)
  • Mongolia (Eurasian Union)
  • Uzbekistan (Eurasian Union)
  • Finland (Eurasian Union)
  • Afghanistan (Eurasian Union)
  • Togo-BeninChiltern Hills1 (talk) 04:45, August 20, 2016 (UTC)

Mods Edit

  • Game Creaator: User:The2016
  • Mod 1:
  • Mod 2:
  • Mod 3:
  • Emergency Mod:

Players Edit

  • Italy: User:The2016
  • Eurasian Union FlagEurasian Union: Anyone Claim
  • Stacasian Union: Gann123

Game Start Edit

2030 Edit

  • Italy: We get independence from the European Federation and We invade & overtake Switzerland, Croatia and Slovenia. We begin using the Italian Lira again. We ask Malta to merge with us.
  • Eurasian Union FlagEurasian Union: We start to conduct repair of our shell-shocked infrastructures, starting off with rebuilding hospitals and schools, at the moment only being able to provide mobile medic centers as placement. We slowly start to also repair, as well as transfer. our industries to more civilian fields than military after having realized that a strong military presence is not the only option to ensure a superpower. We begin modifications on our supercomputers, transforming x86 processors to the more efficient x64 type. Nikolai Suvorov is the current president of the Russian Republic inside the Union, leader of the United Russian Party and temporary leader over the other absorbed nations.
  • Stacasian Union: Ahh.After WW3 the many nations collapsed. Most of Earth is owned by noeone. Anyone new the land is up for grabs You can set up countries there
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