These are the rules for the Game of Thrones Novel Project. Umm, yeah.

Canon[edit | edit source]

  • Anything which has been stated in the book with no doubt (e.g., the survival of Dany and Viserys) will be treated as fact. Something like the parentage of Jon Snow (who anyway hasn't been born) can be believed by whomever they want for their own purposes, mmkay?

More to come

Stats[edit | edit source]

Imp here :P

Total population of Westeros (barring people north of the wall): 22 million.

  • North: 2 million
  • Riverlands: 2 million
  • Vale: 1 million
  • Westerlands: 4 million
  • The Reach: 6 million
  • Crownlands: 3 million
  • Stormlands: 2 million
  • Dorne: 2 million
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