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Generally this happens when pages are either blanked by the author, which means a speedy deletion by the admins or a discussion on a file or page over why it should be deleted is in the respective talk page concludes it must go.

This wiki's deletion policy info.[]

  • Not a game.
    • Example: It's all real (OTL) life history, future history TL, general science fiction TL, althistory TL, fantasy TL, revisionist history; and obiovely not a conpedative event (that is to say a time line, not game). All this is not allowed.
    • Note: Author will be a given 4 weeks to move article(s) to another wiki if he/she chooses.
  • Incredibly short and has not been worked on for some time. Say, under 5 posts and ignored for over 1 year.
  • Copy of an existing article either on this Wiki or another Wiki.
  • Copyright violation/fan fiction/a rip off of cinamar film or TV show.
  • Spam.
  • It is just trolling and Vandalism.
  • The creating/care taking author(s)'s request(s).
    • Author can also request a quick delete of his/her work by blanking the page.
  • Broken/Unused redirect.
  • A long unused map game. Say, ignored for over 6 months, unless it's been officaly preserved by the mods.

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