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Clipstone 1Edit

The alliances!Edit

  • The alliances!
The Alliances.
Alliance. Member states.
Hindu Cultural Union (HCU)
European Union (EU)
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)
African Union (AU)
Organization for the Harmonization of Corporate Law in Africa (OHCLA)
Pan-Slavic Union (PSU)
Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO)
Alliance of Fuel Exporting Nations (AFEN)
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
Islamic cultural Union (ICU)
Sinosphere (SS)
American Union (AU)
Union of Nordic States (UNS)
Arab League (AL)
Latino-Hispanic Alliance (LHA)
Romanian Alliance (RA)
Francophile Alliance (FA)
Brythonic Cultural Alliance (BCU)
Union of Gaeilge States (UGS)
Alliance of Gàidhlig Nations (AGN)
Swiss Alliance (SA)
Central American Common Market (CACM)
Anglosphere (AS)
Alliance of Pro-Swahili States (APSS)
Alliance of Australian States (AAS)
Free Trade Alliance of the River Rhône (FTARR)
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

European Economic Area Treaty of Lisbon Treaty of Kuala Lumpur. Treaty of Florence. Treaty of Dubrovnik. Treaty of Cologne. Treaty of Cherbourg Pact of Sion . Treaty of Shiraz. Pact of Brunnen. Pact of Lucerne Alliance des Alpes

Clipstone 2Edit

  • The 225 nation states!


  1.     United Principalities of Oslo, København, Stockholm, Oulu and Helsinki.
  2.     Chiefdom of Narvik and Bodø
  3.     Jarldom of Hålogaland
  4.     Chiefdom of Reykjavík and Thorshaven
  5.     Jarldom of Bergen

Western EuropeansEdit

  1.     Mercantile City State of Utrecht
  2.     The Dual City States of  Bayonne and Mont-de-Marsan
  3.     United Kingdom of Den Burg, Friesland and Groningen
  4.     United Provinces of Den Haag, Zeeland, Holland and the River Scheldt
  5.     United Duchy of Gelderland and Maastricht
  6.     Entrepreneurial City State of Amsterdam
  7.     Mercantile City State of Ghent
  8.     Province of Savoy and the River Var
  9.     Dukedom of Cherbourg and the Cotentin Peninsula
  10.     Kingdom of Mons and the Ardennes
  11.     City of Besançon
  12.     Duchy of Amiens and the Somme River
  13.     City State of Bordeaux
  14.     Duchy of Lyon and Chambéry
  15.     Maqusate of Agincourt
  16.     Marquisate of Dijon
  17.     Holy City State of Avignon

Central EuropeansEdit

  1.      Democratic Republic of the Northern Rhineland
  2.      Republic of the Canton of Lucerne
  3.      Republic of the Canton of Valais
  4.     Prince-Bishopric of Basel
  5.     Democratic Socialist Republic of Potsdam and the River Oder
  6.     Landgrave of Chur, Altdorf and Interlaken
  7.     Kingdom of Greater Hanover
  8.     Free and Entrepreneurial City State of Zürich
  9.     Margravate of Jennersdorf and Oberpullendorf
  10.     Kingdom of Bavaria
  11.     City of Geneva
  12.     Prince-Bishopric of Osnabrück
  13.     Mercantile Duchy and Twin City States of Hambourg and Lübeck
  14.     Margraviate of Freising
  15.     Margraviate of Berchtesgaden
  16.     Mountainous Republic Innsbruck
  17.     Grand Duchy of Vienna
  18.     Markgraf of Salzburg
  19.     The United Merchant City States of Bremen and Bremerhaven

Southern EuropeansEdit

  1.     Duchy of the Azores
  2.     Great and Bountiful Neo-Roman Republic
  3.     Grand Duchy of Madeira
  4.     Principality of Gran Canaria
  5.     União de Cádiz e Praia da Luz
  6.     Republic of Andalucía
  7.     Mercantile and Entrepreneurial City State of Milan
  8.     Principality of O'Porto
  9.     Kingdom of Lisbon
  10.     Republic of Athens
  11.     Kingdom of the Island of Valletta
  12.     Republic of the Island State of Nicosia
  13.     Grand Duchy of Pisa-Parma-Modena-Luca
  14.     The Islamic Turkish Republic of the Karpass Peninsula
  15.      Mercantile Duchy of Verona

Eastern EuropeansEdit

  1.     Democratic Voivodeship of Łódź
  2.     City State of Sarajevo
  3.     Baronet of the Călinești River
  4.     Democratic People's Republic of Warsaw
  5.     Countdom of Maramureș
  6.     Viscoutdom of Chișinău
  7.     Baronet of Strășeni
  8.     Countdom of Bălți
  9.     Principality of București
  10.     Principality of Ploiești
  11.     Countdom of the Românești River
  12.     Countdom of Târgșoru Vechi
  13.     Principality of Călărași and the Dâmbovița River
  14.     Countdom of the Răut River
  15.     Kingdom of Sofia
  16.     Kingdom of Prague
  17.     Socialist Federal Republic of Novi Said, Niš and Belgrade
  18.     United Principalities of Zagreb and Dalmatia

The Baltic StatesEdit

  1.     United Principalities of Vilnius and Kaunas
  2.     The United City State of Tallinn and Riga
  3.     The Independent Port Cities of Klaipėda and Palanga
  4.     The Duchy of Kaliningrad, Malbork and Nida

Belorussians, Russians and UkrainiansEdit

  1.     City State of Tobolsk
  2.     Voronezh Soviet Republic
  3.     Republic of the City of Magadan and the Kolyma River
  4.     United Port City States of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk
  5.     Port City state of Vladivostok
  6.     Independent Socialist Republic of Zabaykalsky Krai and Öndörkhaan
  7.     Independent Socialist Republic of Khabarovsk Kari and the Amur River 
  8.     Port City of State Odessa
  9.     Principality of Mogilev
  10.     City State of Donetsk
  11.     The Democratic and Unified Omsk-Tomsk Republic
  12.     City State of Bel'bek
  13.     United Entrepreneurial Republic of Moscow, Tula and Rayzan
  14.     City State of Kharkiv
  15.     Port City State of Kherson
  16.     City State of Kyiv

The CaucusesEdit

  1.     Mercantile City State of Baku
  2.     City State of Tiflis
  3.     City State of Yerevan

Central AsiansEdit

  1.     City State of Bishkek
  2.     The Emirate of Tashkent
  3.     Democratic Republic of Aktobe
  4.     City State of Almaty


  1.     Duchy of Donegal
  2.     City State of Waterford
  3.     Independent Republic of Greater Dublin
  4.     Independent Republic of Wexfordshire
  5.     Kingdom of Louth.


  1.     Barroncy of Stirlingshire
  2.     Viscoutdom of Conway
  3.     City of Bracknell and Ascot
  4.     People's Socialist Republic of Glasgow, Paisley and Renfrew
  5.     Lairdom of Tain
  6.     Kingdom of Northamptonshire
  7.     Kingdom of Bexley, Bromley and Kent
  8.     United Kingdom of Wessex, Bristol and Hampshire
  9.     Kingdom of Surrey and the City of Croydon
  10.     Earldom of the Port Cities of Edinburgh and Dunbar
  11.     County Republic of Aberdeenshire
  12.     The Principality of Reading, Windsor, Datchet, Twyford and Maidenhead
  13.     United Free Boroughs of Brent, Barnet, Hounslow, Hillingdon and Ealing.
  14.     United Free Boroughs of Greenwich, Woolwich, Dagenham, and Deptford.
  15.     United Free Boroughs of Penge, Camberwell, Lambeth and Bermondsey.
  16.     City State of Lampeter
  17.     Earldom of Durhamshire
  18.     United Communities of Lochaber and Assynt
  19.     Unified Communities of Argyle and Iona
  20.     Duchy of Armagh and Omagh
  21.     Viscount of Falmouth and Truro
  22.     Merchant City State of Worcester
  23.     Kingdom of Fife
  24.     Republic of Greenock and Port Glasgow
  25.     Joint City States of Motherwell and Wishaw
  26.     Most Serene Island Republic of Aran and Bute
  27.     Principality of the Orkneys and Shetlands
  28.     Kingdom of Warwickshire
  29.     Most Serene Island Republic of Hebrides
  30.     Joint City States of Preston, Bolton and Lancaster
  31.     Barroncy of Carlisle
  32.     Viscoutdom of Shropshire
  33.     Republic of Derbyshire
  34.     Province of Staffordshire
  35.     Earldom of Essex, Havering and the River Roding
  36.     Principality of Newbury and Hungerford
  37.     Baronet of Banbury, Drayton, Alkerton, Wroxton and Shutford
  38.     Baron of Kensington, Chelsea, Westminster, Battersea and Paddington
  39.     Viscoutdom of Cambridge
  40.     Earldom of Leicester
  41.     United Kingdom of Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire
  42.     United Kingdom of Powys and Ceredigion

Sub-Saharan AfricansEdit

  1.     Chiefdom of Mashonaland
  2.     City State of Lagos
  3.     Independent City State of Nairobi
  4.     City State of Abuja
  5.     Free Republic of Biafra
  6.     Confederated Tribal Kingdom of Zululand
  7.     Chiefdom of Transkei
  8.     Democratic Hausa Republic of Niamey
  9.     Republic of Durban
  10.     People's Republic of Greater Addis Ababa
  11.     Independent coastal State of Mombasa
  12.     The Kingdom of Maseru
  13.     Port City State of Mogadishu
  14.     Confederated Transvaal Economic Co-operative Zone
  15.      The Coastal Republic of Cape Town

North AfricanEdit

  1.     Noble, Honorable and Holy City States of Cairo and El Giza
  2.     City State of of Oran
  3.     City State of of Algiers
  4.     City State of of Rabat
  5.     City State of of Casablanca
  6.     City State of of Tunis
  7.     Port City State of Alexandria
  8.     Nationalist Republic of Khartoum and Omdurman
  9.     Nationalist Republic of Cyrenaica
  10.     Nationalist Republic of Tripolitania

Middle EastEdit

  1.     Democratic Republic of Greater Aleppo
  2.     Holy City State of Tehran
  3.     Emirate of Dubai
  4.     United City states of Ashdod and Ashkelon
  5.     Shahdom of Isfahan
  6.     United Port City States of Haifa and and Nahariya
  7.     Emirate of Rafah
  8.     City State of of Khan Yunis
  9.     City State of Tel Aviv
  10.     The Most Sublime Sultanate of Ankara
  11.     Free and Democratic Republic of İzmir
  12.     Nationalist Republic of Baghdad
  13.     Nationalist Republic of Damascus
  14.     Principality of Amman.
  15.     Great and Holy Empire of Diyarbakir .
  16.     Islamic Sultanate of Shiraz.
  17.     Islamic Sultanate of Istanbul.

South East AsiaEdit

  1.      Republic of Greater Kuala Lumpur
  2.     City State of Phuket
  3.     City State of Jakarta
  4.     City State of Vientiane
  5.     The Kingdom of Bangkok
  6.     The Kingdom of Manila
  7.     The Free Island Republic of Bali

South AsiansEdit

  1.     City State of Greater Kathmandu
  2.     City State of Greater Kabul
  3.     Gujarati Coastal Republic
  4.     Holy City State of Amritsar
  5.     Maharaja of Delhi
  6.     Sultanate of Multan
  7.     Wāliate of the Swat Valley and the Khyber Mountain Pass
  8.     Nizamate Karachi
  9.     Nawabate of Mumbai
  10.     The Kingdom of Bengal
  11.     The Port City State of Madras

East AsiaEdit

  1.     Great and Wise City State of Tōkyō
  2.     Harmonious Republic of Suzhou
  3.     Prosperous and Heavenly Port city State of Shanghai
  4.     Heavenly Kingdom of Weifang
  5.     Prosperous and Harmonious City States of Shenzhen and Zhongshan
  6.     Harmonious Republic of Hangzhou
  7.     Harmonious Republic of Xiamen
  8.     Harmonious Republic of Osaka
  9.     Heavenly and Entrepreneurial Port City State of Kowloon
  10.     People's City State of Pyongyang
  11.     City State of Busan
  12.     Confederated Tribal Khanate of Khovd
  13.     Harmonious and Brave Shōgunate of Kantō
  14.     Great and Honorable Empire of Kyūshū
  15.     City State of Xi'an
  16.     Harmonious Province of Sichuan
  17.     Great and Wise City State Shenyang
  18.     Great and Wise City State Taipei
  19.     The Harmonious Peoples' United Republic of Heilongjiang and Jilin

Americans and CanadiansEdit

  1.     Principality of Winnipeg City
  2.     Republic of Nevada
  3.     City State of Milwaukee
  4.     City State of Pasadena and the Conejo Valley
  5.     City State of Sacramento 
  6.     City state of Miami
  7.     City state of Akron
  8.     Republic of Arkansas
  9.     Republic of Nebraska
  10.     Independent Republic of Upper Manitoba
  11.     City State of Hoboken
  12.     Principality of Vancouver
  13.     Federal Republic of the Hudson River and New York City
  14.     Confederation of Washington Bay
  15.     Great and Bountiful Texan Federation
  16.     Boreal Empire of Greater Seattle and The Cascade Mountains
  17.     Democratic Republic of Vermont
  18.     Democratic Republic of Dakota
  19.     The Holy Republic of Deseret
  20.     Republic of Colorado
  21.     The Free Irish American Federation of the Delaware Valley
  22.     Chiefdom of North Wyoming
  23.     Chiefdom of South Wyoming
  24.     Marquis of Montreal
  25.     City State of Trenton
  26.     Boreal Commonwealth of the Yukon
  27.     Earldom of Toronto

The CaribbeanEdit

  1.     Peoples' City State of Havana
  2.     Free City State of Guantanamo Bay
  3.     Republic of Port-au-Prince.

Latin AmericaEdit

  1.     United Regions of of Chubut, Reo Negro and Mendoza
  2.     City State of Valparaíso
  3.     City State Managua
  4.     City State Tijuana
  5.     City State Acapulco
  6.     Fascist Republic of Asunción
  7.     Democratic Yucatán Socialist Republic
  8.     Democratic Republic of Greater Lima
  9.     Fascist state of Río de la Plata


  1.     City State of Auckland
  2.     City State of Invercargill, Aoraki and Waikawa
  3.     Island Kingdom of Apia
  4.     Island Kingdom of Honolulu
  5.     Democratic and Free Republic of Ballarat 
  6.     Island Kingdom of Pape'ete
  7.     City State of Brisbane
  8.     City State of Melbourne
  9.     City State of Sidney
  10.     Island Kingdom of Tasmania
  11.     Island Kingdom of Geelong

Spare boxes for future nationsEdit

  1.     Spare boxes for future nations
  2.     Spare boxes for future nations
  3.     Spare boxes for future nations
  4.     Spare boxes for future nations
  5.     Spare boxes for future nations
  6.     Spare boxes for future nations
  7.     Spare boxes for future nations
  8.     Spare boxes for future nations
  9.     Spare boxes for future nations
  10.     Spare boxes for future nations
  11.     Spare boxes for future nations
  12.     Spare boxes for future nations
  13.     Spare boxes for future nations
  14.     Spare boxes for future nations
  15.     Spare boxes for future nations
  16.     Spare boxes for future nations
  17.     Spare boxes for future nations
  18.     Spare boxes for future nations
  19.     Spare boxes for future nations
  20.     Spare boxes for future nations
  21.     Spare boxes for future nations
  22.     Spare boxes for future nations
  23.     Spare boxes for future nations
  24.     Spare boxes for future nations
  25.     Spare boxes for future nations

Clipstone 3Edit


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