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This senario is still going under great construction and will be finished at a later date. There will be unfinished pages, holes of information, errors, ect... THANKS!


Once in every great while the civilization goes under a great change, a Renaissance if you will. Civilization goes under a great society, electronic, informational, ect... change. Europe went through the first Renaissance in the 14th century through the 17th century. This renaissance will be almost 50% stronger than any other renaissance on Earth. This will be the longest timeline for a renaissance with not a specific ending date but beginning in 2014.


Wars and PoliticsEdit

  • Hillary R. Clinton is the first woman president to be elected president on January 20th, 2017.
  • On August 13, 2018 the Islamic State (ISIS) declares war on the US and their allies. The war lastes untill July 11, 2023 when the Islamic State surrendured.
  • Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin were both assassinated on April 17, 2028 at the White House (Palin was momentaraly president because Romney died before Palin so for 3 seconds Palin was president).
  • John Boehner was the first Speaker of the House of Represenitives to be elected after the assassination of President Mitt Romney and Vice-President Sarah Palin.

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