This page is very experimental and not in use yet.

This page lists all settlements in the Fallout map game, based on rough estimates of their population. Because the exact population of settlements in-game is unknown, and because often settlements are supposed to be much bigger or more populated than they are presented in-game, exact numbers will not be used. Instead each settlement will be placed into a tier, with higher tiers signifying roughly larger populations. For estimate purposes Diamond City will be treated as the largest single city in the Commonwealth. Additionally most Minutemen settlements will be treated as if they have been heavily built up to their maximum potential. Partial tiers, e.g. "2.5", may also be used in some cases.

Here are the tiers, with in-game examples:

  • Tier One: Small farms, a single family, largely abandoned buildings (E.g. Finch Farm)
  • Tier Two: Small community, a large family or a few small families (E.g. Republic of Dave)
  • Tier Three: Decently sized communities, raider gangs, basic faction headquarters (E.g. Covenant, Hyde Park)
  • Tier Four: Major raider gangs, or factions with large amounts of territory (E.g. Raider-led Libertalia, Jared's gang in Lexington, Children of Atom)
  • Tier Five: Major settlements, largest raider gangs (E.g. Goodneighbor, Bosco's gang)
  • Tier Six: Full cities (E.g. Diamond City)

Settlement Owner 2288 2289 2290 2291 2292
1 Diamond City Diamond City 6 6
Goodneighbor Goodneighbor 5 5
Bunker Hill Bunker Hill 5 5
Sanctuary Minutemen 6 6
Concord Minutemen 5 5
Red Rocket Minutemen 3 3
Abernathy Farm Minutemen 4 4
Sunshine Tiding Minutemen 4 1
Starlight Minutemen 5 5
Tenpines Bluff Minutemen 3 3
Outpost Zimonja Minutemen 4 4
Taffington Minutemen 4 4
The Castle Minutemen 6 6
Spectacle Island Minutemen 6 6
Warwick Minutemen 4 4
Oberland Minutemen 4 2
Greygarden Minutemen 4 2
Beantown Beantown 3 4
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