Hello this is Sidewinder291102 AKA MegaloKaiser.This is a map game from Future Wikia, but it has seemingly died, so I'm restarting it here.


  • Racism and hate speech are not allowed
  • If you don't post in 7 days, you will be removed from your nation
  • You can play as an alien race, but don't go overboard and start destroying planets
  • Every turn will progress the game by 6 months until 2060, then each turn will be 1 year.
  • Realism
  • No sudden annihilation of planets or sudden mass genocide
  • Game will have 4 stages: Pre-space race (2040-2050), Solar System colonization (2050-2065) Galactic colonization (2065-2165), Universal colonization (2165-2365)
  • You can colonize exoplanets and star systems during Galactic and Universal colonization
  • Feel free to load up your own flag for an alien spacefaring race of your own creation
  • Technological advances will be announced by Mods, which means no inventing hyper drives until the Mod says so to keep things realistic
  • The word of the game creator trumps that of the Head Mod, while the Head Mod's word trumps that of a Mod.
  • Please check back once in a while!
  • Having fun is mandatory.

Mod Section

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Player Countries

  • Oceanic Republic(Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea):MegaloKaiser
  • Kingdom of the British Isles(England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales):
  • Commonwealth of Scandinvian Nations(Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland)
  • Eastern European Federation(Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania)
  • Switzerland-France
  • Neo-Japan(Has Sakhalin Island and regions east of Amur River)
  • Indo-Malaysia-Singapore(Also has Southern Thailand and parts of the Phillipines)User:Will Grigg's on fire
  • Socialist Caliphate of Arabia(Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, UAE and southern Syria)
  • United Duchys of Italia
  • Greco-Turkey(Greece, Cyprus and Turkey)
  • New Egyptian Empire(Egypt, Libya and Sudan
  • Unified Korea(Also has Fushun and Dalian)
  • New Aztec Republic(Guatamela, Honduras, Nicaruaga, Belize, El Savador, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru)
  • Greater Kazakhstan(Includes Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan, Turkismentan, Azerbajian and Afghanistan):User:Bozistanball
  • Haiwaiian Federation
  • Kingdom of Canada(Controls Greenland and Alaska)
  • South East African Union(Mozambique, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Lesotho, Botswana and South Africa)
  • Independant Brazilian Africa(Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso, Mauritania and Ghana)
  • West Syria [Rebel Controlled]User:BlazeRush7
  • Deutsch-Nederlanden-Polen Union (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland): Hexarafi "I will rarely active there due to busy in Future Wikia. Thanks."
  • Central African Union (Chad, CAR, DR Congo, Zambia, Angola): SsundeeOP

Make your own countries if you like, a lot of things can happen in 24 years. If you are an alien race, please note that you can only come in during the Galactic Colonization Era (sorry Lord falconis) (can i use the puppet gov on earth????) Nope. Sorry Lord Falconis. I can let you come in as an alien race earliest at 2070+?


Space Race 2040 Reloaded Map.png



  • Oceanic Republic: We start construction of the Oceanic Republic Centre of Aerospace, or ORCA. It will cover 24 square kilometers of Australian Outback. We also begin space research.
  • Indo-Malaysia-Singapore:Taxes will rise to 40% top rate and military spending slashed. 60% of budget goes to scientific progress. We encourage a free market among southern Asian and ocenia.
    • Oceania Dip:We ask for alliance and non-aggression pact with the IMS.
  • Deutsch-Nederlanden-Polen Union (DNP Union): We start our space program. We recruit 30,000 troops and 245 astronout candidates. We also recruit more engineers, scientists, and some experts to our space organization. We ask for alliance to Italy and Scandinavia [Mod Response Needed]. We start research renewable energy. (The post is my post at first turn on original Space Race 2040 in Future. I'm too lazy to post 😁)
    • Mod Response: Both countries accept the request for alliance.
  • Greater Kazakhstan: The government begins with setting up regional army in Afghanistan,Uzbekistan,and Turkmenistan. We also begin to mine in Uranium rich areas in hope of making nuclear power (realistically is for nuclear weapons) We ask Iran and Pakistan to unite with us to create the Islamic Eastern Union. In different regions of the country (region:Uzbekistan and more) elections are held for leaders in their regional parliaments.
  • West Syria: Our economy starts to grow again and we start to invest in our space program, sending the Krixom-1 basic communications satellite up to low Earth orbit. We sign a non-aggresion pact with East Syria. We apply to join the EU. We cut our Universal Tax Rate from 25.5% to 19%.


  • A free market among the IMS and Oceania is established.
  • Iran and Pakistan unite with Greater Kazakhstan to form the Islamic Eastern Union.
  • The EU decides to accept West Syria as a member.
  • Oceanic Republic: Construction of the ORCA is complete and we invent a prototype for a nuclear fusion propulsion system. We ask for the Haiwaiian Federation to merge with us and they accept. We start building more solar power plants in the Australian Outback. We launch several topographical satellites into orbit around the Moon to scout for a suitable location where we will construct a lunar colony.
  • West Syria: After joining the EU, we join the euro. We peg our currencies as SYR:ESYR (Syrian Pound to East Syrian Pound) at 1.161:1, ESYR:SYR at 0.836:1, SYR:EUR (Euro) at 2.233:1, ESYR:EUR at 1.830:1, EUR:SYR at 0.652:1, and EUR:ESYR at 0.418:1 . We also launch some more satellites. We slash our tax rate massively to 3.99% to meet the EU standards of 4% or lower. We also reduce our unemployment to 9.6% from 10.8%. We offer parachute payments to all civilians, of €3000 for £5490. We send an ambassador and a diplomat to Indo-Maylasia-Singapore. [Indo-Maylasia-Singapore Response Needed]
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