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In 2020 the USA and Western Europe establish small bases on the moon. In 2025 The CSA, South American Union, and Russia all establish small bases on the moon. The Ukraine, Central Asia Federation, Australasia and Scandinavia each build a moon base a year later. A USA and Chinese outpost is built on Mars in 2033.

Game starts in 2034, when Earth begns to try an colonize the solar system starting on the moon, well, get writing!


  • -Be Plausible, but going off the fact track a little is fine.
  • -Be Respectful, don't troll!
  • -One real life day is one turn, one turn is 2 years.
  • -Mod's word is law unless proven wrong.
  • -One Nation per player.
  • -If caught sockpuppeting heavly, your banned.

Here the Earth map:Edit

Space race 2034 (Map Game)

The map!

Game playEdit


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