Italian People's Republic
Repubblica Popolare Italiano
Flag of Italy 1948-
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Flag Tento Coa Tento
Flag Coat of Arms
State Trento-0
State of Trento in 1949

Chi Non Vuol Chinar La Testa è Comunista (Italian)
("Those Who Do Not Bow Their Heads Are Communists")

(and largest city)
Language Italian
Religion Roman Catholic
Ethnic group Italians
Demonym Italian, Trentini
Government Marxist-Leninist one-party state
General Secretary Ercole Ercoli
The Italian People's Republic (Italian: Reppublica Popolare ItalianoRPI), better known as the State of Trento, is an unrecognized and rebellous state created in 1948 by the Italian Communist Party in opposition to the Fascism Regime of Mussolini. It was created as part of the civil war between the communist rebels and the fascist government of Italy.

History Edit

The State of Trento is a non-recognized country born from the revolt of Italian Communists, lead by Ercole Ercoli. The proclamation of the Italian People's Republic was made in 1948 at the same timem the Communist began their massive rebellion. It was immediately recognize by the USSR.

In 1949, Trento entered in open war against Italy, trying to gain access to the coasts. In this attempt, the Trentinis werehelped by the Yugoslavian Communists, who openned a second front against the Italians. But in the end, they were pushed back by the forces of Italy. During this period, Ercole Ercoli tried to stimulate the economy

In 1950, the Yugoslavians were able to join with the Trentinis, which lead to a common force to defend the Italian People's Republic. This lead to a lack of true progression from the fascists. After Ercole Ercoli send a message for help through Europe in order to get help. It was answered by French, Soviet et Slovinian volonteers.

Organization Edit

The Italian People's Republic is a state that lack true administrative body or bureacuracy, and is mainly lead by a provisional government composed of the Italian Communist Party, with Ercole Ercoli at its head, acting as both head of the state and head of the government.

The army of Trento is a somewhat organized paramilitary militia instead of a ture fonctionnal army.

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