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This is a futuristic world. This is now 2075, The moon is Already terraformed and Mars is halfway done. But meanwhile on Earth, after WW3, the world is dominated by Communist forces. Who will fall and who will win the world?

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An administrator must have over 100 edits. Head mod must have 200 Edits. If you want to be a mod, tell me and i might approve you(or the headmod).

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  • Creator: creator is co-head mod. The created shall be voted out with 62.5%yes.
  • Head mod: Have rights to create turns, calculate Algo, declare implausibility, change Algo or rule if both head mod agrees to and 50%. Rights to change turn per year, etc.


  1. 1 turn per day. Only mod can start turns. One turn is one year for now. Later in the game where distance were so large, I will just increase years per turn.
    1. Also, if none of the mod created a turn and it is sooo late, you can create one. If there's still no mod, tell me. If I'm inactive, post a post in the announcement says that it is temporarily delayed until further notice and post the "the map game is closed" thing.
  2. Every player MUST be plausible! A mod could declare a post implausible thus deleting it.
    1. If you think a mod's post is implausible, create a top ten list (basically voting). A vote is won by 60%+ majority. Mod may not participate in a vote like this.
  3. Mods are the only ones who edit wars and use algorithm. A non-mod may calculate a war if a mod hasn't been present for 2 turns.
  4. game is archived once 15 turns.
  5. New players are Welcome! But, if a mod declares you as implausible for 4 times, you are banned for 2turns. You are done if you post implausible 8 times!
  6. No discussing Wreck-it Ralph!
  7. No sockpüppetting.
  8. There is a point system coming up! The point system is just for keeping the game plausible.
  9. Creator is considered a mod.
  10. Game will start wen we have 6 people and a mod!
  11. Use if needed.
  12. Due to international law, You cannot own any part of the moon unless UN collapses
  13. Yes, there's mod-controlled organizations!
  14. It isn't possible to build a huge empire in just a few years and keep it; but it is possible to build a huge empire in a scale of centuries. It is possible that a civil war will fuck your empire up in months. But, mods, be plausible. Rebels won't take a huge or populous country like China in less than 100 days. It is possible they will take countries like San Marino in hours if not minutes.
  15. archive every 10-25 turns depending on length.
  16. go to here if needed.
  17. Conference, meetings,and other complex diplomacies will go to Diplomacies(SD map game)
  18. War and other algorithm result will go to Wars(SD map game)
  19. any suggestion will be welcomed in Stellar Domination(Map Game)#Suggestion box
  20. Follow the rules and have fun!

Sign up

Sign up at the points section. If you want change your country's color on the map, go ahead and go to the suggestion box.remember it is NEVER to late to rejoin!

Mod controlled organizations

Yes, there is mod controlled organizations, but, well not a lot since most have collapsed. And, yes, there are Space Pirates to make the game a little more challenging! More and more civilizations will be available as Humans discover more and more.

List of mod-controlled organizations:

  • UN
  • Pacific Union(kind of like European Union-ish, but more strict. All pacific states except japan ,the Philippines and Papua New Guinea is in. Current leader:Micronesia(independent).
  • Islamic African organization(basically Al Qaeda 2.0).


Earth Map

note: guerillas and semi-independincies are not shown. A country(de jure) is only shown with a stable recorgnition(30%). More stuffs, like Oversea Territories, will be added later. 

Stellar domination

base map and the current map for stellar domination.

Solar system map

Anybody have an idea how to create one?Hi there. I'm still that awesome guy. 18:39, January 22, 2015 (UTC)

Mars Map

(Note: terraformation not complete



Local Stars Map

Nearest stars using universe sandbox

nearest stars map

Galactic Map




Suggestion box

This suggestion box only support these suggestions below. For a mob bully, go to The moderation zone. Otherwise contact a mod's usertalk or on chat to solve the problem.

Map Errors

  • None. Well done, mapmaker(s)!

Country color suggestions

  • None to date.

Suggestion of an update/feature of a map game

Stellar Domination 2?

It could have been another theme, like Mostly Capitalist, or a more divided world like no state is bigger than OTL Bolivia, or a very harsh rule by one single dictator, or at a brink of the war, or Colonial Empires....

I think it should start around 2050...

point system

points(SD map game)


The Algo is currently outdated. Please see this page for the most recent Algo.

land War Algo


  • Location-points:+point*2
  • Defending:+12
  • Attacking an enclave/exclave inside your country:+9
  • Rebellion attack:+8
  • Attacking on border:+5
  • Attacking close to border(like across a lake, Spain attack morocco,etc.):+2
  • Far away but on your continent:-2
  • Not even on your continent(e.g, Chile attacking Angola):-6
  • planet/star no more than 10 AU:-12
  • Planet/star no more than 1 light years:-20
  • Planet/star in your galaxy:-26
  • Andromeda:-30
  • Harsh Climate:attacker-8, defender+8
  • Climate Extremism:attacker-16, defender+11
  • Landlocked:-10


Note: average country have 33% more population on 2075. The growth rate is about 0.04% because of climate chaos and land limitation. But, you can colonize Mars!

  • a planet of thriving economy(colonized more than 150 years ago):+8*economy points
  • a planet of growing economy(80-150):+5*economy points
  • a planet of starting economy(20-79):2*economy points
  • just colonized:economy point-1
  • economy better than enemy by 2:9
  • economy better than enemy by 3:16
  • economy better than enemy by 4:25
  • economy better than enemy by 5-7:36
  • economy better than enemy by 8-9:49
  • more difference than 10: 59
  • Agricultural efficiency:requires technology over 5. +(Technology-5)*Economy*Agriculture/5
  • Agriculture-economy balance:+(-|agriculture-economy| +2)
  • Supply:agriculture*naval/2

Population top 5 in game:+30

Population top 25 in game:+12

Population last 50: -5

Population 1 billion+(level6):+25

Population 1000M(level5)+:+15

Population 600M(level4)+:+9

Population 300M(level3)+:5

Population 100M(level2)+:2

Population 1M-100M(level 1):0

Population less than 1M(level0):-1

Causus Beli

  • No Causus Beli:-10
  • Have a Causus Beli:mod dicided weather if it is good(15) or bad(-7)


  • Economic:+3
  • Defend against popular rebel:+5
  • Defend newly held territory (less than 5 years):+7
  • To unify a culture:+8
  • Defend territory that are not really important:+10
  • Reunification:+11
  • aiding ally:+11
  • counter:+11
  • access to sea/ocean: +13
  • defending heartland:+16
  • Revolting:+19
  • Defending enemy with lethal weapon(e.g. Kaptyen-16-8)+20
  • Revolts defending:+21
  • Defending enemy that will Danger the nation:+25
  • Defending enemy that will kill the nation:+30
  • Defending enemy that will end a popular revolt:+37.


  • Implausiblilty:minus 10 per implause
  • Guerilla War:-11 attacker, +4 defender
  • Defender undergoing revolt: +7 attacker -15 defender
  • Attacker undergoing revolt: -30 attacker +2 defender

Type of Government

Monarchy: +(2*Motive+economy*tech/3)

Democrat: +(3*population level+1/2economy+agriculture)

Socialist: +(agriculture*2+(10-tier)-2)



Government not supported by people:-19


Military support:+11 Logical:+7 Economy:3


Use two integers from 1-100 from and use the bigger one to divide the smaller one then add a random integer from 5-10 to it.

  • troop morale high:requires economy 4+, luck overall 10+:+15
  • troop morale low:tier III or below, agriculture lower than 6, luck overall 6.5-:-20


The side with more troop gets+20.

War result

Just make sure this is plausible. But, the economy and population will go down by a bit. especially economy which might change you from 10 to 5. If you lose lots of war, your tier will go down quickly.

Naval battle Algo

Causus Beli, Modifiers, luck, population, motive(with a few changes) type of government, aids and tier still apply, as in the land battle. But I'm not writing the same thing because it do take a long time.


  • side with the nearest port:+12
  • A country's best port(dicided by mods): vary from -10 to +15
  • Without a port(this is possible): -25
  • the best port is the nearest one:+10

Navy quality

  • Naval point bonus:4*Naval point
  • Side with better naval point:+13
  • Side with much better naval:+27
  • Supply:+Resource+agriculture
  • Quality: +economic point
  • Balance: If naval point is the 2nd or 1st out of your points, -2; if it is last two, -3.


  • Any attack by a revolt:+3
  • Economic:+3
  • Defend newly held territory (less than 5 years):+7
  • To unify a culture:+8
    • (modifier)Surprise sea attack(Like Pearl Harbor):+9
  • Defend territory that are not really important:+10
  • Reunification:+11
  • aiding ally:+11
  • counter:+11
    • (modifier)strategic attack a somewhat bigger navy(1.9*your size):+11
    • (modifier)Trying to strategic attack a much bigger navy:+15
  • defending heartland:+16
  • Revolting:+19
  • Defending enemy with lethal weapon(e.g. Kaptyen-16-8)+20
  • Revolts defending:+21
  • Defending enemy that will Danger the nation:+25
  • Defending enemy that will kill the nation:+30

list of discovered nearby stars and brown dwarfs and rougue planets

Within 5 lightyears

Please help me make a chart. Thanks.

  • Proxima Centarui(4.232 ly). A research shows that Proxima is not gravitational bounded with Alpha Centauri.
  • Alpha Centauri(4.33 ly). Consisting two binary stars, Alpha Centauri A and Alpha B. Alpha B have a planet called Alpha Centarui Bb(because IAU loves to name stuff greatly) and Alpha Centauri Bc.
  • 2MASS 1456-1930(4.77ly). Low mass brown dwarf or rougue planet. have a mas of 22Jupiter, and surface temperature is around 13 Celsuis.

Within 10 ly

  • Banard's star(5.981ly). Flare star.
  • Carepa (6.01ly). Rougue planet that is traveling at a high speed. the proper motion is unknown.
  • Cesis(6.03ly). Another rougue planet discovered when it is apparently traveling across Siruis.
  • Luhman 16(6.55ly). Brown dwarf A and B with A slightly larger and B slightly smaller.
  • WISE 0855-0714(7.00ly). A brown dwarf orbited by a terrestial planet just 2*its radius away. The star it self is a Y class ultracool brown dwarf.
  • CN Leonis(7.7827ly). Also known as Wolf 359. It is a red dwarf roughly 10% of the sun in mass, and pretty active compared to the Sun.
  • La lande 21185(8.2911ly). Another red dwarf, though hotter than CN Leonis. flare star. Has one suspected planet.
  • Sirius(8.5803ly). Hot Main-Sequence star. Brightest star in the sky in the sky except our sun. Has one White dwarf orbiting it. Have a protoplanetary disc.
  • BL Ceti and UV Ceti(Distance unknown, but closer than 9 ly.): Gravitationally bound cool red dwarfs orbiting each other in a surprisingly low eccentricity.
  • Ross 154(9.1855ly). Red dwarf with neon emmsion line.

POD from modern day world

Major changes: World war 3,South African War

Russian changes: gain Alaska, gain Crimea, Southern Finland, Lapland.

PRC:Gain Taiwan, disputed Indian territories, Philippines, Vietnam, parts of Mongolia, Hawaii, southern New Zealand. Naval post near Sacramento

ISIS: All of the Levant.(Recognized but still, it is not UN.and China and Kazakhstan is declaring war on it.)

Indonesia:all of Australia and northern New Zealand.


France: low states, parts of Germany, parts of England

Poland: rest of Germany


South Africa:Rest of Southern Africa except Malawi and Angola



Brazil: gainsPeru, Venezuela, Morocco

United States:in Union with Canada

Mexico:gainsJamaica, Puerto Rico

Iran: Colonizing Eritrea.

All small states except Micronesia is now parts of the Pacific Federation.

  • Some pacific states were conquered by Papua New Guinea. For the map colony error: I will update it later. Like, later

wall of shame

nobody. let's keep it goin'!





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