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[[Image:[1]|120px|Flag]] [[Image:[2]|80px|Coat of Arms]]
Flag Coat of Arms
[[Image:[3]|220px|Location of Superior]]
Location of Superior
Capital: Munising
Largest city: Marquette
Other cities: Escanbana, Macknaw City, Petosky. Houghton, Copper Harbor, Silver Water, Seney, Kinross, Lewiston, Gore bay, Wikwemkong, Little Current, Gwinn, Watersmeet, Bessemer, Mass City, White Pine, Powell, Iron River, Gould City, Rogers, City, Kallkaska, Boyne Vity, Alpene, Grayling, Miro, and Harrisvile
  others: French, Spanish, and Scandinavian
President: Reggie Fernandez
Population: 3 Million 
Currency: Superior Dollar

History Edit

We were in a war with Michigan for 3 years starting from 2064-2067. We were losing the first 2 years. In the 3rd year of the war we won with a crushing victory.

Government Edit

Every 4 years we elect a new President. Each President can be elected as many times if the votes want to elect the President. We try to run our nation like the US before it fell.

Presidency Edit

Tyrone Williams (2064-2076)

Reggie Fernandez (2076-Present)


A total of 3,000,000, out of which 1,355,855 live in the larger urban locations (2046 cencus)

Allies Edit

Neutral Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Michigan

Military Edit

There is a bout 10,500 people in our Military.

Army Edit

Navy Edit

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Economy Edit

Industry Edit

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