War for the Neapolitan ThroneEdit

Started in 1503 with the Spanish blockade of the straits of Messina. 


Imperial Civil War (War of German Independence)Edit


  • Size of the armies: The size of the Imperial army is around 100,000 men, the Ant-Imperial Coalition has 74,000. The HRE gains +1 point.
  • Economical power: The Empire's economy is more bigger than the Coalition's, so the Empire gains +1 point.
  • Battlefield: The mountainous Austria isn't a good battlefield for a great army, but the plains of Barndenburg is much better. Every side gains +1 point.
  • Technology: There isn't any differences between the tech level of the two sides. No one gains points for this.
  • Good luck: The luck is on the part of the Empire too.
  • Conclusion: The HRE conquers western lands of Brandenburg and all lands of Tirol, but the Anti-Imperialist Army occupies some of the eastern territories of the Empire.
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