And under that cloak of delusion, are freedom fighters with a clear purpose

Welcome to Terror, a game where you control a terrorist organization and try to dominate the globe.

Note: We do not condone terrorism, nor would we recommend it to viewers of this wiki.


  • This rule is kind of cliché, I know, but be plausible, please!
  • Respect the mods.
  • The game has no specific end point; it will just end once the game itself is dead.
  • Each turn represents one month.
  • Each person gets one nation.
  • If you are inactive for more than 10 turns, you are removed from your country.
  • Each turn starts at 6:00 PM Central Time, every day. The game will start once 5 people sign up.

Violation of any of these rules will result in a month long ban

Wall of Shame

Warned users

Banned users

Suspended users



You can apply to become a mod by posting your application on the talk page of the map game's founder.

Founder and Modus Primus

Algorithm Mods

Grammar Mods

Rule-Enforcer Mods

Algorithm and Wars


Turns will Start when 5 players join, 5/5 The game has started muthafuka's

Turn 1

  • Boko Haram: Requested a $50 million loan from Saudi Arabia. Enforced laws that challenged underground drug trafficking. Dropped bombs on the Somali Pirates.
  • Irish Republican Army: Requests underground arms trade agreement with Islamic State. Captures members of the Irish Lower House, and demands $30 000 000 for their release. Offers an alliance to Ansar Dine.
  • Ansar Dine dip: We accept and would like if you send your freedom fighters to Mali to train with us.
  • Ku Klux Klan: We hang more black people, also we seek to eliminate Boko Haram as they are Black and Muslim, which is a bad combination. We start distribute more brochures, inscrease advertisement of our organazation, so more members join. We publicly support Donald Trump, while we set in motion our plan to assasinate Barack Obama, being furious at this black taking over Presidency of our beloved nation. Also schools with majority of black students are targeted, supplying many mentally unstable people with weapons,training them into becoming fanatic haters of black people, and sending them to cause massacres, killing as many black children as they can. We offer an alliance to IRA and ETA, due to being white.
  • Ansar Dine dip: We call the KKK a bunch racist infidels that will burn in hell by our boots.
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