The Republic of Texas, or simply Texas is a post WW3 surivor nation located in the Former US states of Texas and Oklahoma, although the nation claims areas as far north as Montana, as far west as Arizona, and as far south as Mexico. Its Capital is Odessa



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Before World War 3, Texas had a mostly Anglo-American Population of 15.75 million. However, World War 3 saw the destruction of most of Texas's major cities.

Currently, the Republic of Texas has no census information to determine an exact population. Estimates place the Texan population as low as 550,000 or as high as 6 million. Most experts agree that the population of Texas is between 1.4 and 1.9 million, with a large Anglo Majority (55-67%).


The Republic of Texas has a standing Military of 62,000 men. The Military consists of 9 main branches: Army, Navy, Air force, Marines, Rangers (Special Forces), Coast Guard, National Guard, Texan Constabulary Force, and the Presidential Guard.


The Army is the largest branch of the Texan Armed Forces. Texas maitains a moderatly sized and well armed army. Using mostly left over US M16s and M14 rifles.


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