Texas Republic
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Preceded by 1932- Succeeded by
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Flag of the Republic of Texas (1836-1839) Coat of arms of the Republic of Texas
Flag of Texas Coat of Arms of Texas
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Location of Texas
The Texas Republic was the 48th and final state to leave the union, in 1932. As of 1933 it was a republic consisting of only Texas.

Golden Deal of 1933Edit

In 1933, President Ferguson began her "Golden Deal", promising an economic end to the Dust Bowl by providing people with crops grown by the rivers near the coast and the south. Many people immediately volunteer to become farmers at these new creek towns, and become known as the "Desert Gardeners". These Desert Gardeners would go on to become wealthy plot owners in the future, some of them eventually owning the entire coastal farming towns.

Dissolution of the Texas RepublicEdit

After a failed request of union with Oklahoma, Texas grew itchy in its attempt to form a "Union of the South". After Oklahoma declined, Texas asked New Mexico for a formal union in 1934, to which they accepted, ending the Texan Republic.


  1. Miriam A. Ferguson (1933-1934[1])

Prime MinistersEdit

  1. Dan Moody (1933-1934[1])

[1] - Formation of the Union of the South

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