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The power table of many of the nations, autonomous dependancies, colonies and unrecognised rebel enclaves.
Nation. Economy. Industry/infrastructure.
Afghanistan pathetic non
Tibet pathetic non
Kingdom of Yemen poor poor
Peru poor poor
Venezuela poor poor
Andorra mid good
Liechtenstein good good
Vatican City good flourishing
Sweden mid good
Ireland poor poor
Switzerland flourishing flourishing
Kingdom of South Morocco poor poor
Uruguay mid mid
Kurdistani Rebels pathetic non
Portugal poor mid
Légion Belge (Far-right Belgian resistance movement) - non non
Quatar poor poor
Suriname poor poor
Dutch Antilles poor good
Unio'n vun de Fräiheetsorganisatiounen (Luxembourger resistance) non non
Sudan non poor
Belize pathetic non
The Bahamas poor poor
Falkland Islands pathetic poor
New Zealand mid mid
Australia mid mid
Persia poor poor
Lebanon poor poor
Fiji poor poor
Malta pathetic poor
Cyprus good mid
Ceylon mid poor
Sikkim non non
Bhutan non non
Nepal poor non
British India mid poor
United Kingdom of Great Britain* mid good
Free Dutch East Indies poor poor
Free Papua New Guinea pathetic non
South Africa good good
Namibia poor poor
Newfoundland - poor mid
Polish Underground Government (Polish resistance movement) non non
EDES (liberal/right wing Greek resistance)- poor non
Milorg (Norwegian resistance) - poor non
Transjordan - poor poor
Palestine - poor mid
Tonga - poor poor
Iceland - poor poor
Faroe Islands - poor poor
Rhodesia - good poor
YVE (far-right wing Greek resistance) non non
Oman poor poor
Bahrain poor poor
The Trucial States (the UAE) mid poor
Kuwait poor poor
Mahatma Gandhi (Indian rebels)
Mr Jinna (Pakistani rebels)
Pemerintahan Darurat Republik Indonesia
Mouvement National Royaliste (Monarchist Belgian resistance) - non non
Maquis (Southern French resistance movement) non non
New Caledonia mid poor
French Equatorial Africa poor non
De Gaullist French Resistance non non
Rhodes poor poor
Crete Resistance- non non
Canada* good mid
Ethiopia pathetic poor
Bermuda mid good
Tokelau non non
Nauru non non
Neilu non non
Marquesas Islands non non
French Polynesia non non
Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands non non
British Western Pacific Territories non non
British Gilbert and Ellice Islands non non
Cook Islands non non
South Solomon Islands non non
Camaroon (Camarune) pathetic poor
Ecuador poor poor
Brazil mid poor
Chile mid mid
Saudi Arabia mid poor
Turkey poor mid
Bolivia poor poor
Colombia poor poor
KMT China poor poor
Việt Minh pathetic poor
United States* Flourishing Superpower
Mexico Poor Poor
Liberia pathetic non
Nicaragua poor poor
Honduras poor poor
Haiti non non
Cuba poor poor

Southern Italy

poor poor
The Official Government of the Philippines poor poor
Panama poor poor
Greenland poor pathetic
North Algeria poor poor
Panama Canal Zone mid good
Northern Solomon Islands poor non
Costa Rica mid poor
Dominican Republic poor poor
El Salvador poor poor
Guatemala poor poor
Guam poor poor
Netherlands poor good
Belgium poor good
Denmark poor good
Cyrnieca (eastern Libya) pathetic pathetic
Serbian Government of National Salvation pathetic poor
Nazi Germany* mid good
Luxembourg poor good
Quisling Norway poor mid
Independent State of Croatia poor poor
Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia mid mid
Cossak Resistance of the Kuban pathetic poor
Chechen-Ingush Resistance non non
Polish General Government poor poor
Lackot Republic of Western Russia non poor
Dodecades Islands (Greek Aegean Islands) poor mid
Greco-Ahroman Republic of Pindus poor poor
Principality of Montenegro poor mid
Albanian Kingdom pathetic pathetic
Italian East Africa pathetic pathetic
Fascist Italy* mid mid
Chetnik militias pathetic pathetic
SS Galtzen Sate of Galicia and West Ukraine pathetic pathetic
Jaras Commandos of Estonia non non
Tripolitainia (western Libya)    poor poor
French West Africa pathetic non
Tunisia poor poor
South Algeria non non
Vichy France poor mid
The British Union Fascists non non
Syria poor poor
Empire of Japan* good good
Kingdom of Kampuchea poor poor
Thailand poor poor
Lithuania-Latvia poor mid
Finland good mid
Free Fascist Republic of Macedonia   
The Reorganized National Government of China
Second Philippine Republic
Kingdom of Laos
Manchukuo (Manchuria) 
Empire of Vietnam  
Azad Hind
State of Burma        
Indonesian Asiatic National Government
Spanish North Morocco
San Marino
Estonia poor mid
*= The major powers.
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