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The Confederation of the Seventeen City-States
Game: New World
[[Image:.|120px|Flag]] Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Confederated Seventeen
Location of Confederated Seventeen

("United we stand, divided we fall")

Anthem "Hymn of the Seventeen"
(and largest city)
Other cities Kingston, Iselworth, Lancaster, Gloucester, Leeds, Pretoria, Lille, Caen, Cherbourg, Paris, Grenoble, Bordeaux, Cadiz, Barcelona, Marbella, Madrid, Valladolid, New Tenerife and Matador City.
Spanish, English, French and Afrikaner
  others Portuguese, Sotho and Polish (mostly spoken by the clans and tribes).
None (secular)
  others Protestant Christianity, Roman Catholic Christianity, Judaism and animism.
Ethnic groups
23.75% English, 22.68% Spaniards and 22.59% French.
  others 16.25% Afrikaner, 5.7% Dutch, 4.5% German, 2.87% Sotho, 1.2% Poles, 0.2% Venican Italians, 0.12% Portuguese, 0.11% Basques, 0.05% Greeks and 0.01% Other groups.
Demonym Seventeener
Government Confederal and presidential, parliamentary, constitutional republic.
  legislature The Board of Cities
Chairman of the Board Paul Sylvester
Deputy chairman of the Board Pedro Gomez
Population 17,530,000 (990 census), 17,535,500 (1000 census) 17,575,785 (1010 census), 18,154,600 (2020 est), 18,757,757, (1030 est) 18,514,500 (1040) census, 18,657,757, (1030 est) 18,714,500 (1040) census 
Established 850 AF
Currency Seventeener Dolar (CSD), Havenstown Maycrote (HVM)
Internet TLD CSD
Calling code 989

It is a grouping of city-states and rural tribes. 6 Spanish, 6 English, 6 French and 1 Afrikaner city state, plus several related tribes and clans.