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The Democratic and Independent Grand Duchy of Madeira.
Grão-Ducado Democrático e Independente da Madeira.
Game: New World
Flag of Madira
Flag of Madira
Location of Madira
Location of Madira

Nós nunca desista! (Portuguese)
("We never give in!")

Anthem "The March of the Grand Duke!"
Capital Funchal
Largest city Funchal
Other cities Faro, O'Porto, Porto Santo, Porto Moniz, Venice, Pico do Arieiro Miami and Detroit.
  others Venetian Italian and American English
Roman Catholic
  others Agnostic Christian and Baptist
Ethnic groups
  others Venetian Italians and White Americans
Demonym Madeiraian
Government Liberal and constitutional Grand Duchy
  legislature Senate
Grand Duke HRH Juan Primavera (995-1000), HRH Pedro Jao Primavera (1000-1055), HRH Polly Primavera-Rossi (1055- to date)
Prime Minister Lester Piggott-Smith (995-1005), Peter Alan White (1005-1055), Peter Beal (1055-1060), Stig Western (1060 to date)
Population 1,345,765 (995 census), 1,375,785 (1005 census), 1,325,575 (1015 census), 1,325,757 (1025 census), 1,327,859 (1035 census), 1,345,757 (1045 census), 1,365,879 (1055 census) and 1,395,879 (1065 census). 
Established 452
Currency Madeira Peso (MP)
Internet TLD .md
Calling code 109

HRH Megan Margarita Juanita Maria Primavera-Rossi in Faro, aged 14, during 1065.

HRH Juan Jose Luigi Steven Primavera-Rossi in Faro, aged 12, during 1065.

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