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It is early 1800s, the world is on the rise. In Europe the Napoleonic Wars are being waged. In The America's, colonization still hold a massive amount of land for the Empires of Europe. In Australia, British settlement has just begun in New South Wales, in Asia, China and Russia are growing while the British are taking India. and In Africa, colonization is start, and something big is growing. The Dominion of Drakia has been growing since its birth in the 1780s. Will the world go on this way or will they eventually unite to stop the Draka.




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Domination map of 1800


Creator: Mr.Orwell

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North AmericaEdit

  • ThKLD8OECO United States of America -
  • Union Jack 6a00d83452553069e200e54f52cd9f8834-640wi Canada -
  • Union Jack Dominion of Newfoundland Newfoundland -
  • Flag Of Spain New Spain -
  • Haiti -
  • Russia Russian Alaska -bibleboyd316

South AmericaEdit

  • Flag Of Spain Columbia -
  • Portugal Brazil -
  • Flag Of Spain Rio de la Plata -
  • Flag Of Spain Peru -
  • Flag Of Spain Ecuador -
  • Flag Of Spain Venezuela -


  • Draka flag (Dominion) Dominion of Drakia - Flag of Oceania Big Brother
  • Morocco -
  • Portugal Angola -
  • Portugal Mozambique -
  • Flag of Turkey Ottoman Empire -


  • Flag Of Spain Spain -
  • Portugal Portugal -
  • Flag of Turkey Ottoman Empire -
  • Union Jack Britain
  • Prussia 1892-1918 Prussia - Spar
  • France French Empire -bibleboyd316
  • Austria Austrian Empire -
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden -
  • Flag of Denmark Denmark-Norway -
  • Russia Russian Empire -
  • Flag of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (1816) svg Kingdom of Two Sicilies -
  • France Flag of Vatican City Papal States -
  • France Flag of the Batavian Republic svg Batavian Republic (French Vassal) -bibleboyd316
  • France Flag of Italy Italy (French Vassal) -bibleboyd316


  • Flag of Turkey Ottoman Empire -
  • Persian Empire - Warrioroffreedom123
  • Japan -
  • Korea -
  • China - Captainjohnrex
  • Union Jack British Raj -
  • Mughal Empire -


  • Union Jack New South Wales -

Under the YokeEdit


  • Fuck it were starting
  • Drakia: We begin to expand into Southwest Africa to form a new colonial territory. We also enslave the populations of Northmark and Upper Zambezi. We also continue to supply our troops and British soldiers with the Ferguson rifles.
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