The Beginning of an Era

In the Great Northern War from centuries past, the Empire of Sweden defeated its multiple foes and conquered the Baltic Sea and restrained Peter the Great's expansion of Russia. After many many decades, the Swedish Empire has decayed. The states it once held control over are now becoming restless and hungry for independence. The Phoenicians have returned and the Frankish Grand Federation has risen in the West. A new joint empire has formed between the Polish and Kievans as well as in Prussia. The old era is gone, and there's no telling where this new era is going.

The State of Europe

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How to Play

At the website, under the detailed Europe map, you will find the outline of provinces that is the basis for this game. For every province, there is five divisions. You can only attack province by province. To attack provinces not adjacent to you, you must use a naval vessel or an agreement between you and another nation to allow troops move through their country. Naval vessels can only move 15 divisions at a time. Nations with coasts have naval vessels for every three provinces. The sequence of player turns simply depends on a virtual dice roll for each individual player. Each nation has three focuses. An international focus which gives you diplomatic choices, a national focus which gives you administration choices, and an economic focus which gives you factorial and monetary choices. At the end of each year, for every 5 provinces you have, even ones you have gained, you will gain one division. Like the map game Risk, you are allowed to make as many attacks as you want. The chances of an attack succeeding are 1/2*1/2*1/2 through a quadruple dice roll.

The Nations

Frankish Grand Federation

Second Phoenician Empire

West Roman Republic

Dual Monarch of Liguria-Piedmont

Kingdom of Lombardy

Venetian Congress

Centralized States of Greater Vienna

South Castilian Confederacy

Absolutist Prussian State

Conservative Monarchy of Valais

Free Empire of Bern

Provisional Union of Zürich

Dual Party Republic of Baden-Württemberg

Bavarian Federation

Constitutionalist Bloc of Bremen

Imperial Saxon Legion

Ethnic Systemic Ministry of Bohemia

Moravian Republic

State of Prague

Kievan-Polish Joint Empire

Neo-Menshevik State of East Hungary

United Kingdom of Budapest

Slovenian Unitary Confederation

People's Alliance of the Croat-Serbs

Dictatorial Assembly of West Transylvania

Free Legislature of East Transylvania

Unionized Republics of Timis-Arad

Anti-Ethnic Progressives of Bulgaria-Romania

Kingdom of Hunedoara

Joint Monarchs of Caras-Severin

Bucharest Empire

Military Administration of North Bucharest

Romanian States of Bulgaria

Anti-Sofia Ministry of Bulgaria

Reactionary Government of Bulgaria

Empire of Thrace

National Bolshevik State of Blagoevgrad

Neo-Monarchist Kingdom of Extremadura

Greater Portuguese Republic

Jingoist Muscovy

Representative Federation of Ukraine

Chechen Tsardom

Warlordships of Greater Stavropol

Royal Catholic Kingdom of the Caucasus

State of Dagestan

Kazakh Empire

Nationalist Union of Serbia

Serb Republic

Kingdom of North Macedonia

Absolutist Dietsland

Frisian Ethnic State

Personal Union of Schleswig-Holstein

South Kalmar Confederation (Denmark)

Ultranationalist Greater Sweden

Combined Republics of Finnmark-Troms

Union of Norway

People's Commonwealth of South England

Empire of London

Dual Republics of Cornwall-Devon

Liberal Republic of Scotland

North English Federation

Highlander Provinces

Orthodox Tsardom of Ireland

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