Welcome to the wasteland, a place of fear and death. This is a map game where players create their own countries and factions in a post apocalyptic 2092, a good 40 years after the retro-futuristic 1960s world of 2052 was brought down by nuclear fire. The goal is simple, create a country, explain what it is, and name the creatures or groups it battles against. The game will fall into turns, as players rebuild the old world. The war is the only thing people remember of the world past, the armies of the old worlds were stranded on the continents in which they fought the Third World War.


The Rad-Scorn Lands Map

Our map


Simply provide information and a location on the map of your faction, they can be as small as a group in a city, or as big as a state. Just make sure it's not too big. As a tech note, think in fallout terms and looks, atomic cars, mini nukes, power armor, and robots.


  • Place your names, you have three days to make a country of your out, the first person who puts their name up immediately has their turn being so choose wisely

The post-war worldEdit

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