I remember everything from those days...when things got nasty. The world was in an age of innovation and technological progress unlike any other age mankind has seen. But at the same time, it was a world where it was dangerous and unstable. The Cold War ended two decades prior, but the rules had changed. No longer was the geopolitical landscape a confrontation of two superpowers, but it was a confrontation between the status quo and change. I remember those days as if it was yesterday. Regardless of my feelings for those days, it was the world I spent the remainder of my childhood in. This was the era that began the world as we knew it. Welcome to ...


The Map

2016 AD

The Oppressors


  • Nations in bold are reserved for users of plausible reputation.
  • When posting as your nation, make sure you use the name of your nation that is directly on the nation list or something similar to it.
  • You can either play as a nation or a large organization. 

Major Nations




North America

South America


  • 30px  Australia - Orwell

The Game


THE GAME WILL BE STARTING AT 9 PM (21:00) EDT, 8/21/2016!

The first (and last) turn is now ready for posting!

first and last!?!? Wow this will be shorter than I thought. Well just to play along with the them I guess we could have the nuclear powers of the world all nuke each other and we could have a one turn game. -Brick

  • People's Republic Of Venezuela: After our glorious revolution we set up as a free state health care for the people of our nation and solve our nation's food problems by nationalizing farms turning them into cooperative farms that can produce 2 times as much food. Also we make jobs and expand the economy by expanding our oil production and arms manufacturing sectors. However secretly we are recruiting large numbers of soldiers into the armed forces and we are drawing up battle plans for the invasion of our neighbor Guyana.
  • 'The Eternal Persian Empire:In a bloodless coup,the Iran Government is overthrown by Persians. These rename the Country the Eternal Persian Empire.We request Iraq,Afghanistan,Armenia,and Azerbaijan join our nation.(Mod Response)The Satrapies of Media,Persia,and Parthia are formed.
  • japan: The nation works on making a a srep to unite Korea with it plans to kill Kim Jun Un and the who ever the S.Korean leader is. We begin to fix our army but a Coup happen after the leader droped a pack of noddles on the leader of the Brass of the army.
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