Welcome to The World Game! This is a football (the real one, not handegg) map game set in the fictional country of Spica where you take control of a city's men and women's professional football teams and compete for a place in the Spica Cup! Will your team be able to qualify and win? Let's find out!



  • Respect Mod decisions
  • Please use the algorithm to calculate the winner of the matches
  • RNG is EVEN for Yes, ODD for no
  • This is a game, if you lose, it doesn't cost you your life!
  • Have Fun!




Spica Capital Divison (Pink)

Nishi-Spica Division (Red)

  • Nishi-Spica: Tao64
  • Dongyan:
  • Baekje:
  • Shirokami:
  • Liangfeng:
  • Silla: Revolution 9
  • Taizhong:
  • Changchuan:
  • Mondejar:
  • Minashi:
  • Mitsushima:
  • Gongguan:

Kita-Songhai (Blue)

  • Fujishimiya:
  • Sundari:
  • Yunjeon:
  • Xinghai: -Seiga
  • Zhongbing:
  • Xiadian:
  • Beihai:
  • Akaiyama:
  • Karechi:

Songhai (Green)


Week 1

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